Five Fabulous Camino Blogs

Over the last year I’ve enjoyed learning about the Camino through blogs, conveniently delivered via my WordPress Reader.  With Camino season in full swing, there’s been a huge increase of fresh new voices. Some are retelling lessons learned, and others are first time bloggers reporting live from the Camino.  I love to curate and share an excellent Camino blog each week, but today it was a struggle to select just one! Here are my Top 5 Favorites from my latest blog binge, in no particular order:

1. Felicity’s Camino

#Camino Day 25 and 26: five reflections on arriving in Santiago Yesterday, I did it. I finally arrived in Santiago. And though the last 5kms felt like the longest I’d walked (and possibly were more than 5kms as I lost the Camino once or twice) the moment I spotted one of the cathedral’s spires I was flooded with relief and happiness. Exhausted and elated, I walked into the square in front of the Cathedral. My eyes were filled with tears and other pilgrims greeted me and hugged me. It was truly a wonderful moment.

Last night I checked into a hotel and today I feel slightly at a loss. I don’t have to get up early. I don’t have to pack up all of my things. I don’t even have to wear walking boots (I bought a new dress and some heels yesterday). Read more.

2. The Greenery

Treading Gently on the Camino de Santiago

In a Holy Year on the Camino de Santiago, you may need to pack an extra dose of equanimity: You’ll most likely share the trail with a record-breaking crush of pilgrims this season.

Here are a few suggestions for keeping your cool along The Way — and for being a more thoughtful traveler anytime, anywhere. Read more.

Also see The Things We Carried — An impudent pack list for the Camino de Santiago

3. Yet Another Humans Blog


Pilgrims Stories (17-4-2016)
Pilgrims Stories: “I come from Taiwan and I am doing the Camino to think about the future” Pamplona, Spain, 17- 04-2016 (pictured at right)

Pilgrims Stories  (17-4-2016)
“I come from Egypt. I am doing the Camino for religious reasons. I am looking for an answer and if something divine exist to reply to me during this journey.” Pamplona, Spain, 17- 04-2016

4. Wendy Powell describes Magic on the Camino

Suddenly my feet had no traction and I was beginning to fall. My hiking pole bent nearly ninety degrees and I almost went down when a young man from Turkey grabbed my arm and saved me from landing in the mud. Such is the Camino de Santiago in Spain.

Whether it be the thousands of small acts of kindness or the synchronicities that line up, there is no doubt that there is a ‘flow’ about this place. Read more.

5. Lower the Bar for More Fun

Day 29: Salceda to Santiago de Compostela

I was awake at 4 a.m., too excited to sleep. (My “don’t worry I don’t snore” snoring roommate didn’t help.) I laid in bed for two hours trying to coax my body back into slumber and then listening to music on my iphone until it was a respectable hour to get up and walk. At 6 a.m., I couldn’t wait any longer. I quietly and mostly in the dark, so as not to wake my roommate, got dressed and packed my backpack. Read more.

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8 thoughts on “Five Fabulous Camino Blogs

  1. Good morning my name is Andrea and I am the creator and coordinator of the Via Postumia project, do you know it? my volunteer work is to spread the philosophy of the journey in Europe and beyond, by making known the major routes and helping people to find useful information to start the just travel, maybe our site will give you some ideas for a new experience. Good walk on
    Via Postumia and other historical routes

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  2. Hey Laurie – Happy New Year! I have a blog to suggest – mine – about my solo walk on the Madrid Camino in May and I’d love for you (and others) to check it out. There are interesting connections to many folks’ common experiences and reasons for walking. I also talk about my connection to Martin Sheen, as I appeared in a film with him (I am a film actor in Canada) and many people have expressed interest in that portion of the blog. Anyway, give it a look if you have a chance and let me know what you think!

    All the best!

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    • Hi Robert,
      Thanks for sharing! I’ll check it out and add it to the Blogs page. This might be a good Camino to add to my Route Reports page. Many people will be interested in doing alternative routes for the 2021 Holy Year.


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