Injury Prevention Tips for the Camino

Injury Prevention Tips for the Camino 2017

Below is a presentation by Scott Williams on injury prevention that I recorded at our NorCal Chapter’s annual pilgrim blessing ceremony on March 18, 2017. Scott “Shroomer” Williams is active in the American Long Distance Hiker Association-West and has thru-hiked the Triple Crown (Pacific Crest Trail, Continental Divide Trail and Appalachian Trail).

Filming Scott Williams

Filming Scott Williams presentation on injury prevention tips for the Camino

Scott and I heard from so many people about how his presentation at our 2016 blessing helped improve their experience on the Camino.  In this video he shares his Camino experience, gear, first aid, and many valuable tips to prevent injury on the Camino. Video Total Running Time:  1 hour and 7 minutes.

Scott provided a handout with a list of ultra light gear companies for long distance walking.

Download the PDF Companies_Specializing_in_Ultralight_Gear

I learned so much from Scott’s presentation last time. This time around I was captivated by his umbrella. He passed it around the room and we were all impressed how strong and lightweight it is. He said that this was mostly used to shade him from the sun and when Spaniards saw him, they gave him two thumbs up!

Look ma, no hands!

Look ma, no hands!

On my Camino last May, I struggled with securing my umbrella through my chest strap and keeping it stable. I never really achieved “hands-free” protection from the rain and had to hold my umbrella in one hand and a trekking pole in the other. I don’t want to sacrifice my trekking poles on my next Camino, so I decided to invest in a decent umbrella. They are not cheap, but I found the same umbrella on Amazon with free shipping: Swing Trek Umbrellas Liteflex Trek Umbrella

Special thanks to Scott for sharing his valuable experience with us!

See Scott’s 2016 presentation.
Read about my experience training with Scott:  Mount Diablo Hike with Scott “Shroomer” Williams. So, how did Scott get the trail name Shroomer?  That’s another good story. See end of the post.

To subscribe to his Hike Alerts, email Scott with ‘Add to Hike Alert’ in subject line.

See you on the trail!

Scott, the well-dressed pilgrim, in St. Jean Pied de Port, France.

Scott Williams on Camino

Scott at St. Jean Pied de Port, one of the gates to the walled city at the beginning the Camino pilgrimage

The scoop on Scott, in his own words

A lifelong resident of the Bay Area, I have been many things: a hippie in the ’60s, an army veteran of the Vietnam era, sailor, ocean kayaker, builder of biadarkas (Aleutian skin kayaks), cook, opera lover, student of English Literature and Art History, mushroom hunter and member of the SF Mycological Society (providing mushroom picking lessons and feasts to hikers), and a probation officer. Now retired, I am hiker extraordinaire who is active in the American Long Distance Hiker Association-West and has thru-hiked the Triple Crown (Pacific Crest Trail, Continental Divide Trail and Appalachian Trail). I am also a Camino Francés peregrino.

On trail I do a lot of first aid on feet and help people learn how to walk without pain.  When I’m home, I invite people to train with me in the local hills and mountains by coordinating a “Hike Alert” list, letting folks know where and when I’ll be hiking each week.  I’m not a hike leader per se, but welcome anyone who wants to experience some of the wonderful local trails we have here in the Bay Area.

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