Camino Inglés Stages

A Coruña is one of the two Camino Inglés starting points, but it is only 75 km (47 miles) from Santiago. In order to get a Compostela certificate, you must walk at least 100 km, so the more popular starting point is Ferrol, 118 km (73 miles) from Santiago. I didn’t want to skip A Coruña because I had heard that it is an amazing place, so I worked it into my pre-Camino itinerary.

Laurie Places

Pre-Camino Day May 28

Hotel: Coruña Mar
Walked: 21 km / 13 miles

Pre-Camino Day May 29 
A Coruña-Mont San Pedro. Bus to Ferrol.
Hotel: Parador de Ferrol (Reserve at for pilgrim rate)
Walked: 14 km /  9 miles

My Camino Inglés 2017 Stages

First Morning of Camino Inglés in Ferrol
Day 1: Ferrol to Neda
Walked: 15 km / 9.5 miles w/backpack
Camino Inglés: Exploring Neda
Walked another 4 miles site-seeing around Neda
Private Room 14: Pension Maragoto

Day 2: Neda to Pontedeume
Camino Inglés: Exploring Pontedeume
Walked 18.7 km / 11.6 miles
Private Room 33: Hotel Eumesa

Day 3: Pontedeume to Betanzos
Camino Inglés: Exploring Betanzos
Walked 22.5 km /14 miles
Bunkbed 6: Albergue de Peregrinos de Betanzos

Day 4: Betanzos to Presedo
Walked 14 km / 8.5 miles
Bunkbed 7: Albergue de Peregrinos de Presedo

Day 5: Presedo to Bruma
Bruma, Where Two Caminos Converge
Walked 16 km / 10 miles
Bunkbed 6: Albergue de Peregrinos de Bruma

Day 6: Bruma to Sigüeiro
Walked 25 km / 16 miles
Private room 13:  Albergue Quinta Andaina

Day 7: Sigüeiro to Santiago
Arrival in Santiago
Walked 18 km / 11.5 miles
Private room 15: Seminario Menor (3 nights, June 5-7)

Santiago June 8
Private room 90: Hotel Bonaval

June 9 flight to Paris on Vueling
June 9-12 Paris Marais neighborhood
June 13-14 Train trip to Trouville Sur Mer
June 15-17 Paris Montmartre neighborhood
June 18 Home, sweet home!

During my Camino, I posted some photos on a photo album Camino Inglés 2017 at I also shared some photos on instagram at

It was so good to be back in España! France was fun too.

Buen Camino!

This chalkboard at the restaurant in Pension Maragoto shows the stages and half-stages of the Camino Ingles. I decided to split the longest stage between Betanzos and Bruma.

This chalkboard at the restaurant in Pension Maragoto shows the stages and half-stages of the Camino Inglés. I decided to split the longest stage between Betanzos and Bruma by staying in Presedo. This made for a comfortable paced seven-day Camino.  Some people power through it in just five days. If you have eight days to walk this route, I would recommend splitting the stage between Pontedeume and Betanzos too.

View from my room in Neda

View from my room in Neda. I’m glad I didn’t take the shortcut bridge to Pontedeume!

19 thoughts on “Camino Inglés Stages

  1. Buen Camino! I suggest having breakfast before departing Pontedeume. The hill leading out of Pontedeume is steep and will require some energy. Enjoy your journey.

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  2. Laurie, I’m enjoying your chronicle of the Camino Ingles. I tentatively plan to do it next year (perhaps as a follow on to walking another long walk in the UK). I depart for Scotland on 5 August to walk the West Highland Way, then to St. Jean to walk over the hill and down to Pamplona, and finally to Tineo to retrace my steps and complete the Camino Primitivo. Enjoy your travels and Buen Camino! Mike, aka Fog City Boy.

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  4. Laurie,

    Your posts are wonderful! I always enjoy them. Love your hiking skirt!
    Muchas gracias! Rosemary

    On Wed, May 31, 2017 at 3:33 AM, The Camino Provides wrote:

    > Laurie A. Ferris posted: ” My Camino Inglés 2017 itinerary (subject to > change): May 28 Paris flight to Santiago, train from Santiago to A Coruña. > Siteseeing/Camino training. Walked 13 miles. May 29 A Coruna sightseeing > and bus to Ferrol. Walked 9 miles. May 30 Ferr” >

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  5. wonderful. I’m planning this route for September 2018. I also wanted to see A Coruña and may well do as you did….visit via bus from Santiago. The scenery is wonderful and I simply cannot wait to see it for myself. I’ve saved the link and will refer to this many times I’m sure whilst planning. I walked the Portuguese Coastal Route in September 2017 and like you, am also planning on walking a different route each year. 🙂 Buen Camino

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  7. Hi Laurie, My friends and I are planning on the walking the Camino Ingles Sept. 29 to Oct. 5. Your blog is amazing. Thank you for providing helpful details. My confidence is growing because of you.
    Your Canadian neighbour and fellow Camino dreamer,


      • Hi Laurie, Just wanted to let you know I did it! I walked the Camino Ingles in October. It was a huge accomplishment for me. Now I am writing a personal essay about the experience. When and if I post it, I will let you know.
        Your fellow seasoned Camino traveller,

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  8. This page is so helpful!! thank you! My husband and I leave on Oct. 8, 18! We will fly into A Coruna, then stay in Ferrol the night before starting our pilgrimage. The Ingles will be our very first Camino. We are super excited and a little nervous… but mostly excited. We have been trying to choose whether to try to walk from Ferrol to Pontedueme all in one day, or add an extra day to stop in Neda. (we also know that there is a bridge short cut … we are tempted to take that…). If we add the extra day we will have to go fly straight out of Santiago de Compostella after getting our credential and not spend a night in Santiago. So, What are your thoughts? Stay in Neda at the front, or push through and stay a night in Santiago at the end?

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    • Hi Holly,
      I am so excited for you and think you picked a great route for your first Camino! This is a tough question. I wish you could spend a night in both places. You can see how much I enjoyed Neda and splitting that first stage. But staying in Santiago at least one night is essential so you can enjoy celebrating there. I think you might want to play it by ear and see how you feel when you arrive.

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