What are you grateful for?

Has the Camino provided some unexpected blessings during this challenging year? Have you maintained a sense of Camino camaraderie online or with your social bubble? Or do you have a feeling of gratitude for something the Camino has provided in your life? Think about it and write it up. I have some extra 2020 patches that I’d like to give to pilgrims who want to share their Camino gratitude.

Free Patch for a paragraph on what you are grateful for. Submit 50-100 words by November 19 to laurie@caminoprovides.com. If your paragraph is selected to be featured on a blog post, I’ll mail you a free patch!

Don’t feel like writing? Writer’s block is real! Buy patches for $4 each and save 20% with code OMG2020 or use link below: https://www.etsy.com/shop/CaminoProvides?coupon=OMG2020

Gushing with gratitude? Can’t fit all of your thanks within one paragraph? Perhaps you’d like to elaborate with a guest post on my Pilgrim Interviews and Camino Reflexions page.

You are welcome to write your gratitude statement in the comments below as well. Share the love!


9 thoughts on “What are you grateful for?

  1. There are so many things that I am grateful for, especially as I reflect on my journey 4 years ago right at this time.

    The Camino, which I dreamed of doing beginning in 1992, which I finally did in 2016 was a both a fulfillment and a preparation. I do not believe that I would be navigating life in the same way today if I had not walked all those steps, both with my feet and my heart. I met so many incredible humans along the way, and continue to be nurtured by their friendship. I received so many blessings of resilience and endurance, along with a more powerful ability to surrender when needed. And I’m grateful for knowing you online, for walking with my 2016 patch – and for meeting someone in 2020 who knows you and your family personally. Perhaps I’m most grateful for realizing the delicate, yet powerful web woven by the power of pilgrimage! It supports us all.

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  2. I am so grateful for the blessings of the Camino. I first walked in 2007 and have been back 5 times since
    In 2016 I was able to walk with my daughter and 9 year old grandson. What an adventure that was. The same year in Santiago I met Irene when I needed a friend, and we have stayed connected since.
    Since 2012 I have been leading twice weekly hikes with other pilgrims. The Camino spirit enriches my life wherever I go.

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  3. My Camino in 2019 was the first adventure in my retirement. I loved every minute on the Francés and Portuguese Caminos and I will cherish the memories and photos for years. Joining the Nor Cal Peregrinos is an unexpected surprise benefit.

    I am most grateful to become a brother in the worldwide community of Camino Pilgrims. We share an experience that most of the people in the world cannot even imagine.

    The adventures will continue too. Next year my brother and I will canoe from Pittsburgh to New Orleans. I hope to spend a year in Europe as a jump-off point for many visits over there. The Via Francigena might be in the future. There will be many adventures in the USA in my camper coming up. I will always be grateful that my Camino adventure was the beginning.

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