Support the Bay Area Ridge Trail

COVID disrupted our plans to walk the Camino De Santiago, so we have been walking the Bay Area Ridge Trail instead!

We are calling it “Camino de la Cresta” which is Spanish for “Ridge Way.” For us pilgrims, it feels as rewarding and challenging as walking a Camino in Spain. We intend to section-hike the 390 miles of completed trails, one weekend at a time within a year. So far, we’ve completed 130 miles in the East Bay and North Bay sections, and we’re having a blast!

Laurie, Chris & Jane

If you enjoy hiking and exploring the beautiful Bay Area, help us raise money by donating to our team’s fundraiser. Donations will help with “breaking trail” to complete the missing links so that 550 miles of connected trails will circle the Bay Area (see map below). This is a worthy cause for the environment and people of the Bay Area. Learn more, join our team, or make a gift at: Every little bit will help!

This video below shows what it’s like walking a section of the Bay Area Ridge Trail and camping in Napa. We hiked 9.5 mile loop and also hiked to the top of Sugarloaf Mountain. At 1,640 ft elevation, it’s one of Sierra Club’s Nifty 90 peaks.

Highlights from the Skyline Wilderness Park hike and camping in Napa.
Ridge to Bridges
For the Ridge to Bridges Fundraiser, our team is called “Camino de la Cresta” and our goal is to raise $1000.

I hope you’ll consider donating as a way to help connect more trails in the Bay Area. The mission means a lot to me.

I have been documenting our circumnavigation progress on the Ridge Trail Trekkers Facebook group. I record each hike and make Relive videos so that future trekkers can see what the trails are really like. It has been a blast! As of April 23, we’ve hiked 130 miles in the East Bay and North Bay. Follow my Camino blog to see my upcoming post about the East Bay section. 

Thanks for your support!

Laurie, Jane, and Chris

PS: Join our team! Contact me to help fund raise, or join us for an upcoming hike.

Our last hike in Napa at Skyline Wilderness Park

2 thoughts on “Support the Bay Area Ridge Trail

  1. Good going and progress! And what a great time to be doing it with all the wildflowers. Are you doing a lot of two- car shuttles? I think the Ridge Trail is harder than the Camino– so you’ll be ready for any of your future Camino hikes. Ralph and I have been on parts of Ridge trails many times, now we’re trying to reconstruct how much we’ve actually done. You’ve inspired us to do more. We just did the Chabot Staging area to Cull Canyon. And, when I signed up for this year’s Ridge to Bridges, I won a prize! Who knows, we may see you on one of the sections sometime! Thanks.

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