The Camino Podcast Facebook Page

CaminoPodcastHappy Friday! In January I wrote a post about The Camino Podcast, by Dave Whitson, which had just launched in December 2015. Back then these podcasts were only on SoundCloud and iTunes. There wasn’t a web presence so it was not easy to find or link to an archive of episodes.  I am so happy to see that Dave now has a Facebook page for the Camino Podcast that you follow to see past episodes and be notified when new episodes are available.

Dave does a great job introducing the guests, asking them good questions, and providing his own perspective. I was excited when I heard the voices of some of my friends and guest bloggers.

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Um Caminho para Todos

ucpt-logo-oficialThere is so much to love about Um Caminho para Todos, a Portuguese blog whose title means “One path for all.”

First of all, it has a good and noble cause:

“The plan is to walk along the Via de la Plata, from Seville to Santiago de Compostela (almost 1000 km in just over a month), for a cause. The cause is the Promotion of Health and Well-Being, particularly among the overweight. The aim is to share through this blog all that this walk implies: training, difficulties, challenges, and rewards! To show that nothing is impossible if you put your mind to it!”

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Frances vs. Primitivo

If you’ve ever wondered about the difference between the Camino Primitivo and Camino Francés, check out the Sindre Almost blog. Sindre Sandvik from Norway has done both Camino routes and shares some entertaining posts, photos and videos on his blog. #FridayFaves #CaminodeSantiago


So someone asked me what the differences were between the two routes I’ve walked. Now I won’t say one is better than the other or which I preferred. It would simple be an impossible exercise. Apples and oranges and all that, and the camino is so much more than walking a route and the landscape you encounter along the way. It is the people, the conversations, the jokes, blisters and much more.

The Primitivo is more physically demanding than the frances even though the latter is longer (350km vs. 775km) the reason for this is quite simple, the primitivo has a lot more climbs and descents to navigate which is a bit harder. Granted the first day or the frances (starting in St. Jean) is alot of UP and then DOWN again the same day, after that it is somewhat flat with some hills. Then you encounter the two other…

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Walking the Camino del Norte and getting a tattoo

Happy Friday! Here’s a fun blog from an Australian who just finished the Camino del Norte.  Her latest post shows the excitement of arriving in Santiago, which brought back many memories. This photo caught my eye because I saw the same tattoo shop and walked in to inquire about getting a Camino shell tattoo.  Continue reading

Camino Times Two

Happy Friday! I’ve enjoyed this blog for the last few months now, so it’s about time that Camino Times Two is featured on my Favorite Camino Blogs page. Beth Jusino’s latest post caught my eye with the play on shadows.

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The Pug and Cat on the Camino

TGIF! Meet Bandito the pug and Luigi the cat, the social media sensations who walked (and strolled) the 497 mile long trail Camino de Santiago for six weeks with their owners Sebastian and Finn.

Bandito the pug and Luigi the cat

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What the Camino Provides for Yvonne Simon (My German Doppelgänger)

YvonneSimonI’m happy and honored to feature a guest post by a German woman I met while walking the Camino Portugués. I caught up to Yvonne as we walked alongside a vineyard about halfway between Pontevedra and Caldas de Reis, and we started chatting. Not only did we walk at the same pace, but we also used similar trekking poles and hiking clothes—the uniform of a savvy peregrina.

As we got to talking at a deeper level, we were amazed by our commonalities: we’re exactly the same age and at similar stages in life; she’s been working in the same profession for about twenty years and is wondering what else life has in store for her; and we both have taken to writing about the Camino over the last year. (She authors a beautiful blog about her Camino entitled Mein Camino.) I think I found my German doppelgänger!

We exchanged contact information and parted company in Caldas de Reis. When Yvonne returned home to Germany, she wrote the following post about what the Camino provides for her. There’s even a German translation below!

What the Camino Provides for Me

By Yvonne Simon

Sitting on the Porto Cathedral steps, I reminisce about the past three weeks—feeling happiness and sadness, pride and humility. With the late afternoon sun shining on my face, I think about what the Camino has provided for me.

CathedralOn May 16, I took my first steps from this very point on the road to Santiago de Compostela, feeling the mysticism of the path from the very first yellow arrow.

It is the encounters with people that make the Camino so unique. Thanks to an intensive exchange of pilgrims from around the world, one easily finds peace. All nations are united by a single goal: reaching Santiago de Compostela.


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24 Photos That Will Make You Want To Walk Camino de Santiago

Here’s some inspiration with stunning photos of the Camino Francés for #FridayFaves. Drew’s blog, Trail to Peak, has a lot of great info on hiking gear and ideas for training hikes as well. I hope the Camino beckons Drew back someday. I would love to see his perspective on the Camino del Norte.
24 Photos That Will Make You Want To Walk Camino de Santiago has been added to my Favorite Camino Blogs page.

Trail to Peak photo of Puente La Reina

Trail to Peak

Camino de Santiago is a 500 mile pilgrimage across Spain. I walked “The Way” in 2012, and it has thus far been the most transformative travel experience of my life. I’m starting to see a lot blogs with pilgrims documenting their trips to Santiago de Compostella this summer, which allows me to relive my time in Spain vicariously. My uncle Jim is walking to Santiago, too! Although, he is not blogging about it. Every summer, I start to think back on my journey, and the many lessons it taught me. Every photo I took tells a story, and captures a moment in time that made me the person I am today. Here are 23 photo moments from my journey to Santiago.

1.) One of my very first photos from day 1 after leaving St. Jean Pied de Port at 6:00 AM. On this day I would cross from France into Spain and begin…

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Gayle Takes A Hike

Hats off to Gayle from Australia for documenting her Camino Portugués on her blog Gayle Takes A Hike.  I walked through many of the same places she did, and when I saw this Stop sign in particular, it brought a smile to my face.

Gayle (pictured center) at the same sign I saw on my longest day of walking, from Padrón to Santiago.

Gayle (pictured center) at the same sign I saw on my longest day of walking, from Padrón to Santiago.

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Camino Gifts Every Day

Happy Friday! I have a new recommendation to add to the  list of favorite Camino blogs.

Finding treasure on the Camino de Santiago . . . Camino gifts every day

by Stephany Richter

Stephany is on the Camino Francés now, and is capturing its essence through photos a daily reflections on the gifts of the Camino on her blog,

Earlier this week, Stephany emailed me and said, “every day the Camino provides, through beautiful interactions with people, through kindness, through beauty, when a town pops up over the horizon after a long walk, when you suddenly come upon a fountain in the middle of nowhere, or a mobile cafe in the middle of nowhere. It’s the most amazing bundle of treasures ever.” Continue reading