Welcome! In September 2018, I launched a new website at dedicated to yoga and wellness.  I am a wellness ambassador and certified yoga instructor in the San Francisco Bay Area. I offer a gentle yoga flow practice that is accessible to beginners, with modifications for more advanced yogis. I teach yoga classes for UC Berkeley staff and occasionally lead yoga sessions at retreats, hikes, and private events. What appeals to me most about being a yoga teacher is helping others with their personal wellness journey.

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I want to share my passion for yoga and wellness with the world, so I have also started a wellness-focused newsletter. This newsletter is intended for newbies and experienced yogis alike, and also for pilgrims interested in exploring different mindfulness practices. I still publish the monthly Camino events post on my blog, but this newsletter is a spin-off with more wellness-focused content and events.

Yoga classes – Fall 2018

Journey to Peace 11 Hiking, Yoga and Meditation
Sunday, September 8, 3-6 pm

Yoga for UC Berkeley staff during the fall 2018 semester on Fridays @ noon.
Register: September 14, October 12 and November 9.
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My love affair with yoga began long before I knew about the Camino de Santiago. I tried my first yoga class in the 1990s and instantly felt relief in my hips and back. When I discovered that a daily yoga practice also helped ease stress from the workplace and prevent hiking injuries, I was hooked. In 2016, I signed up for teacher training at Yoga Kula in Berkeley. I began teaching yoga to coworkers and members of a hiking group.

My training continued in 2017 at Namaste Yoga in Berkeley, led by four of the Bay Area’s best yoga teachers: Abby Tucker, Baxter Bell, Domonick Wegesin and Vickie Russell Bell.  As a graduate of their “Every Day Sacred” program, I have 300+ hours of teacher training.

Yoga for pilgrims

I truly believe that many common injuries can be prevented by practicing yoga, so I look for opportunities to teach yoga for pilgrims. I taught a yoga class at Hospitalero training, the 2018 American Pilgrims national gathering,  and at albergues in Spain. Below are a few blog posts I wrote about my yoga journey thus far.

Below are a few highlights of yoga in fun places with great people!

Remember VHS tapes? I started practicing yoga with these! They take up way too much space, so I got rid of them in my post-Camino purge of 2016.


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