Favorite Camino Blogs and Websites

The more I explore, the more I discover so many interesting blogs about the Camino de Santiago. In fact, there are way too many to fit on the sidebar, so this page will feature blogs written by people who are currently walking the Camino or who recently completed it. Take a look at some of these insightful and fun perspectives from pilgrims from all around the world:

Blogs and Websites featured on Friday Favorites:

Every now and then, a post catches my eye from a blogger who doesn’t write exclusively about the Camino. There is a Camino connection in these posts, and the authors deserve honorable mention.

More Camino blogs:

If you have an active Camino blog, send me details in the form below or email me at laurie@thecaminoprovides.com.
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3 thoughts on “Favorite Camino Blogs and Websites

  1. I meant to comment here and not send an email, oops. No wonder I couldn’t find a way to reply! Anyway, thanks again for the link to my blog! I will Tweet out a link to your blog as it’s really good and very informative. I’ve been to most of the Spanish provinces and have been writing them up one a week. I wish I had had more time in Cádiz capital as it’s already been four years and was only one afternoon. Time flies!

    BTW, all the Camino blogs linked here are great too. I followed a few. Thanks again y buen camino!

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  2. Hi, we were looking for other Camino stories to read while we are waiting for the world to open up again and all we can do for now is reminisce about our Camino last year. We wrote everyday after travelling for 86 days on the Camino from Le Puy en Velay to Santiago (Via Podiensis & Camino Frances) and have started putting the blogposts up with all this downtime, find it here: https://mountadventureclub.com/camino-de-santiago-comprehensive/#Camino-Diaries Ultreia!


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