A Sexier Ass in 30 days? That’s a Given, Baby – Why the Camino Bestows an Allure that Lasts all Winter.

It’s been awhile since we’ve seen a Camino post by Iva at the Frontier, but this one was definitely worth the wait!

Thank you Iva. I hope you continue your witty posts and pretty art inspired by the Camino de Santiago.

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My ass was in excellent condition when I finished the Camino del Norte this summer. I was leaner, with toned legs and “a bit of colour” – which is as sun-kissed as someone with decidedly northern european colouring can manage without flirting with a melanoma or suchlike.

But it’s true that summer’s lease hath all to short a date, and my fleetingly toned thighs and rear have given way to flabbier, more pallid self (or “the real me” as any acquaintance might recognise).

But the Camino’s sexiness bestowing powers are more than skin deep!

So here are 5 sexiness enhancing attributes that will last you long into winter:

1. Improved fluency in other languages

Language learning can be a bit sexy, or make you an enormous arse (not of the sexy toned kind). If you are one one of the webs growing community of language learners, you might wish to flex some lingual muscle…

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3 thoughts on “A Sexier Ass in 30 days? That’s a Given, Baby – Why the Camino Bestows an Allure that Lasts all Winter.

  1. Muchas gracias for the reblog… it’s the beginning of the transcription of my much loved (but now barely legible, camino journal). It’s crazy though, as I revisit the experience I’m trying to resist the temptation to start planning yet another voyage…. camino fever indeed.

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