Sponsorship opportunities are available on this website for Camino-related products and services. I developed this website to be a curated platform dedicated to sharing great things about the Camino de Santiago. Its email subscriber base consists mainly of Camino enthusiasts and past and future pilgrims interested in reading about Camino-related experiences, gear, and Bay Area hiking and pilgrim events.

Sponsorship offers a significant opportunity to reach an audience already embracing the spirit of the Camino. This blog has become extremely popular in a short space of time. The blog received over 13,000 visitors in 2015; 23,033 in 2016;  and in 2017, there were 32,586 unique visitors from all around the world.

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The rainbow shell design was inspired by the concept of chakras, which was an important part of my journey with yoga and healing over the last year.  I am continuing with the chakras theme for 2018 by highlighting the root chakra color at the base of the shell. Learn more.

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My mission is to celebrate the Camino de Santiago and the pilgrim’s journey, from the calling to Compostela and beyond. I do this by sharing informative tips on training, gear, and routes; by promoting Camino related events in the Bay Area; by interviewing pilgrims and sharing inspiring stories; and by curating content relevant to the Camino.  Purchases help to defray the costs of hosting and managing this blog so that I can keep sharing the Camino love!