Pilgrim Interviews

The Camino provides life transformations for many people. Just take a look at what these pilgrims have to say about what the Camino provided for them.
Lucy and Oliver’s Camino Honeymoon

Camino Couple Giving Back as Hospitaleros

Francis & Anna Kim: Our First Date All Over Again

Pilgrim Interviews: Four Men from Malta

Pilgrim Interview with Sebastian, Finn, Bandito, and Luigi

Pilgrim Interview: Andrea Prestes 

What the Camino Provides for Yvonne Simon (my German doppelgänger)

What the Spirit of the Camino taught me about love
By Jane Blanchard

What the Camino provided for Leslie Gilmour

What the Caminos provided for the Ensuite Pilgrim

What the Camino provided for Pauline

Pilgrim Interview: Mike Miller

Pilgrim Interview: Cathy Seitchik Diaz

What the Camino provided for Pablo Allen

If you’d like to contribute your Camino story, use the form below or email me with your text, photos or video. The guidelines are simple. Introduce yourself, describe what Camino route(s) you’ve experienced, and share what the Camino provided for you. It can be a personal essay, or a short and sweet reminiscence.  If you are a Bay Area resident or visitor and would like to set up an in-person interview, let me know! I can produce short videos and help you bring your Camino story to life.

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