The Wise Pilgrim Camino Map

I am really excited to share this great new Camino route map, designed by Michael Matynka, founder of the Wise Pilgrim Guides.  The world needed a better Camino map, and this is it!

The map shows nearly fifty routes across Spain and Portugal, and four that enter Spain from France. Each Camino is named and color coded, and includes major cities along the route. Below is a closeup of the map’s detail.

Personally, I like knowing that there is a Manchego Camino. Is there cheese tasting along the way? I might have to do that route someday!

I don’t know how many times I needed a good Camino route map for a research project, or to display at our chapter’s events. This map is now available in a large printed poster, pictured below.

The Wise Pilgrim Camino Map (frame not included)

The Wise Pilgrim Camino Map (frame not included)

Michael says, “the poster measures 50 x 70cm (approx 20 x 28 inches) and is printed on a heavy duty textured paper. Offset printing so the quality is as good as it gets.” He adds, “I am overwhelmed by the level of support since I started this map. I did not expect any of this when I started this ‘Christmas break’ project.”

Order your map for 18€ at the Wise Pilgrim Shop.  Michael has done his best to keep the price as low as possible.

I ordered a poster for our NorCal APOC chapter and look forward to getting it framed for display at our events. I will add a photo to this post when I receive the poster.

Besides this great map, Michael helps pilgrims with his excellent Wise Pilgrim guidebooks and Apps.  I remember how his Camino Portugués App helped guide me on my first Camino. Check out his books and Apps at:

If you have an active Camino blog or useful resource or to be featured on this website, send me details in the form below or email me at
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