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I highly recommend the latest book by John Meyer, Shadows, Shells, and Spain.

Lost and listless on the island of Mallorca, Jamie Draper searches for his estranged wife, Pam, who has left him without any explanation or warning. Exploring her last known location, Jamie stumbles upon an urgent letter from his missing wife promising full disclo­sure as to her sudden departure and her current whereabouts. There’s just one catch: her mysterious adventure is disclosed in a series of letters she’s left hidden along the ancient Camino trail across northern Spain. Now armed with a list of clues to track the letters down, Jamie retraces Pam’s footsteps, while being both entertained and challenged by the many colorful Camino characters he meets along the way—including the enchanting Brie, who harbors her own secrets that just might compromise Jamie’s intended reunion with his wife.

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The Camino Inglés: 6 Days (or less) to Santiago
By Susan Jagannath
The Camino Inglés: 6 Days (or less) to Santiago, by Susan JagannathWhen I walked the Camino Inglés last summer, one of the guidebooks I used was The Camino Inglés: 6 Days (or less) to Santiago, by Susan Jagannath.  I enjoyed reading this guide on my Kindle App the night before each stage.  I often referred to it again before heading out for the day, and to look up points of interest. View full review.

Sunrises to Santiago: Searching for Purpose on the Camino de Santiago
By Gabriel Schirm

SunrisestoSantiagoA fresh new voice is on the Camino book scene, and it can now be heard via Audible, narrated by the author himself. Sunrises to Santiago is a journey of a young couple who walked the 500 miles of the Camino Frances in 30 days, an ambitious feat.  Gabriel and his wife Amy lived in Spain for three years prior to their Camino and have a great appreciation for Spanish cuisine and lifestyle. View full review.

On The Primitive Way, by Landon RousselOn The Primitive Way: Two Texan Brothers Journey to Santiago de Compostela
by Landon Roussel
Not only does Dr. Roussel show what the less-traveled Camino Primitivo route is like, but he also tells a personal story of his brother who had a lifelong struggle with addiction. After his brother had been released from prison, the two of them walked the Camino together. The narrative shifts between two timelines—the present experience on the Camino, and memories of his brother, some of which were painful. Dr. Roussel is a skilled storyteller, so he manages to pull it off without the reader getting lost in the two worlds. The transitions were easy to follow and it succeeded in being a real page-turner! View full review.

SpiritualandWalkingGuideSpiritual and Walking Guide: León to Santiago by Stacey Wittig. Travel writer Stacey Wittig thought of everything with this guidebook for the last major section of the Camino Francés. It not only includes daily prayers to reflect on, but also details about where to sleep and daily walking distances. View full review.

Everyday Camino with Annie - front and back cover
Everyday Camino with Annie by Annie O’Neil. A pocket-size book that features 40 days of inspirational quotes and messages that one can read while on the Camino, or anywhere.
View full review.

Camino Chronicle: Walking to SantiagoCamino Chronicle by Susan Alcorn
The heart of Camino Chronicle is based on Susan’s travel journal, so it shows details of the daily life as a pilgrim. It is interspersed with side notes on history, legends and random tidbits about things like Spanish wine, olives and bull fighting.  The book includes chapters on post-Camino reflection, preparation, and pilgrim statistics. View full review.

The PilgrimageThe Pilgrimage by Paulo Coelho
Coehlo’s first book is significant because it was during his Camino pilgrimage that he decided to follow his dream and become a writer. Coelho weaves in symbolism and history about the Camino de Santiago throughout his adventure.  View full review.

Book Review: The Art of Walking – An Illustrated Journey On The Camino De Santiago (from Trail to Peak blog)