Book Review: Spiritual and Walking Guide: León to Santiago

Travel writer Stacey Wittig thought of everything with this guidebook for the last major section of the Camino Francés. It not only includes daily prayers to reflect on, but also details about where to sleep and daily walking distances. Even though I have walked different Camino routes, I enjoyed reading this book cover to cover for the practical tips on lodging and pilgrim etiquette.  For example, when she talks about waking up early to be alone and meditate, she advises to respect the sleeping pilgrims and abide by the earliest arise time set by the individual refugios. She also shares tales of interesting people she met along the way.

This book would make a nice gift for someone who enjoys reading bible scriptures and wants to deepen their spirituality on the Camino. There are blank pages between sections, so this could serve as a travel journal or sketchbook to capture moments of inspiration.

Spiritual and Walking Guide: Leon to Santiago is available in paperback on and e-versions made for Kindle or other electronic devices on Amazon, Barnes and Noble and other book sellers throughout the world.

Learn more about it at: Best Camino Christmas Gift Ever: 3 Reasons Why

StaceyWittigStacey Wittig is a freelance travel writer based in Arizona. Her trekking adventures have led her up the Inca Trail in Peru, across the plains of northern Spain on El Camino de Santiago, and down through the layers of time in the Grand Canyon. Follow her blog at


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