Camino Routes

There are many waymarked routes throughout Europe all bearing the name ‘Camino de Santiago‘ and all converging on the city named after the Apostle St. James and known as Santiago de Compostela. This map illustrates the 12 main waymarked routes.

Route Reports

Camino Inglés 2017 by Laurie Ferris

My Camino Inglés (detailed reports of stages coming soon)

Camino Francés 2017 by Cathy Seitchik Diaz:

Via de la Plata 2016 by Brien Crothers

Camino Portugués 2016 by Laurie Ferris

See My Camino Portugues Stages for post-Camino reflections and Porto memories.

Camino Inglés 2016 by James Portelli:

Be a Camino Route Reporter

If you have plans to walk a Camino and would like to be a Route Reporter for The Camino Provides, contact me.  Routes are open for pilgrims with a desire to share useful tips and high quality photos of their Camino. This would be a good platform for those who don’t have a blog of their own and want a publicly visible page to refer to.