Love, Camino Style

Below are stories contributed by people who made a “love connection” on the Camino de Santiago.  My Love is in the air post garnered heartwarming stories from notable Camino authors and pilgrims.  As we can see, love on the Camino comes in many different forms, and it is ageless. I will continue to add to this Love page as I receive more stories.

  1. What the Camino provided for Leslie Gilmour
  2. Walking the Camino as a couple – By Cathy Seitchik Diaz
  3. A Tale of Two Pilgrims – By Daniel DeKay
  4. What the Spirit of the Camino taught me about love – By Jane Blanchard
  5. My Camino Love Story: A Father-Daughter Adventure – By Capitan Brad
  6. Love revealed itself when I wasn’t looking – By Mony Dojeiji
  7. Love is the Camino de Santiago – By Gabriel Schirm
  8. Love and Life on the Camino – By Susan Alcorn
  9. Pilgrim Interview with Pug and Cat – by Sebastian, Finn, Bandito, and Luigi
  10. A Pilgrim Love Story – By Loni Bergqvist
  11. Our First Date All Over Again – Francis and Anna Kim
  12. Lucy and Oliver’s Camino Honeymoon – By Lucy Dominguez
  13. Camino Love Story: Michelle & Andreas
  14. Love: Chemistry and Commitment in Equal Measure – By James Portelli
  15. Canadian Wanderers on the Camino – By Robert Falkingham
  16. Surviving the Camino With Your Spouse – By Andy Cohn
  17. Distance Hikes Make the Heart Grow Fonder – By Lorie Florence
  18. Camino Love Adventure – By Elena Skvirski

Has the Camino provided you with more than just a long walk? If you have a Camino love story to share,  email me or use the form below. Photos, blogs, and video links welcome.

Love, Camino Style was featured in La Concha, March 2016 newsletter of the American Pilgrims on the Camino (APOC).  See Love is in La Concha.

Share the Camino love! ♥

There is a Camino love story in Episode 9 of Beyond the Way, Some Assembly Required.  Enjoy!


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