Love is in La Concha

I was happy to see an article that I wrote was published in the quarterly newsletter for American Pilgrims on the Camino. Page 17 of the March 2016 La Concha  features Camino love stories and photos of three of the couples who wrote guest posts.


So why was my head in the clouds last month? I know it sounds cheesy, but it all comes down to this: I LOVE love!  There are those who embrace it, those who chase it and those who deny its power. When I meet a nice couple, I like to ask them how they met. Over the last year, I’ve enjoyed hearing stories of people’s experience on the Camino.  My curiosity of both topics combined revealed a deeper aspect of the Camino. I figured if I’m fascinated with this phenomenon, perhaps others are too.  Plus, we could use a little more love in our world.

See the love stories at

Download La Concha March 2016 (PDF)

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PS. I’m not the only talking about Camino romance. Take a listen to the CaminoWays podcast, Most Romantic Camino Spots. Maria delivers a list of top romantic spots on the different Camino routes in Spain, Portugal and France.
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