Camino-Inspired Gift Ideas for 2021

Hey, all. I hope everyone is staying healthy and enjoying the comforts of home throughout the holiday season.  I was hesitant to publish the annual Camino gifts post this year, seeing as many of us have been struggling to survive the global pandemic and economic recession. Not being able to walk a Camino in 2020 seems like the least of our concerns. Right?  Alas, some pilgrims are still releasing books, designing products, making music, creating experiences, and keeping the spirit of the Camino alive in one way or another. I couldn’t let this year slip by without sharing their creative visions.

This year’s roundup features pandemic essentials such as face masks, aprons, and gin! Of course, there’s the traditional offerings of books, music, jewelry, and Camino experiences. Plus, there ‘s a fundraiser to help save Casa Susi. If anything, this global pandemic has brought pilgrims together from all around the world in ways we couldn’t imagine!

Note: This post will remain evergreen throughout 2021. I will add more submissions to a “New additions” shortcut link that you’ll see when you revisit this post later.

Camino Inspired Gift Ideas 2020

Camino Shell Face Masks

$10 each, or $8 when you buy 4+

Sybille Yates is not just the Camino angel who welcomes pilgrims at Egeria House, volunteers with the chaplaincy, and visits injured pilgrims at the hospitalthough I’ve witnessed her do this all over the years. She is also a creative artist with a variety of designs and products for pilgrims! On Sybille’s Redbubble shop, she writes: ” I love discovering beauty in everyday things … I am blessed to live in the Holy City of Santiago de Compostela, end of the The Way to the tomb of Saint James. Lock down here in Spain gives me a lot of time to create – Thank You for checking out my designs.”

Check out her shop:


Have you been cooking up a storm during this pandemic?  Perhaps you need a new apron, or know someone who does. From Yosmar Martinez, author of Tastes of the Camino, comes two new aprons.

$20 each, available at:

Get one bundled with her popular book, Tastes of the Camino, for the perfect gift!

Camino Gin

From Tom Cartwright, we have a new pandemic essential – Camino Gin! Tom writes, “Camino Gin is based on my pilgrimage on the Camino Frances a few years ago and has a botanical profile of fruits herbs and flowers that can be found along the way!”
Learn more and purchase at
Use his recipe below and to make this Camino-inspired cocktail.

The Ramble
A playful take on the classic gin cocktail the Bramble, provided by Tom Cartwright, founder of Camino Gin.
– 5 cl Camino gin
– 3 cl fresh lemon juice
-1,5 cl lavender sugar syrup
– 2 cl fig creme (or sweet liquor such as elderflower, framboise, cordials, etc.)
Pour the Gin, Lemon juice and Lavender syrup into a Boston shaker and shake until there is condensation on the tin.
Strain over a rocks glass filled with ice
Drizzle the fig creme over the top
Garnish with a twist of lemon zest

If that’s too fancy, a good ol’ Gin and Tonic is easy and works wonders. Gin and Tonics are what many pilgrims crave on the Camino for a good reason.  Gin is said to help with colds (among many other benefits) while the quinine in tonic helps with leg cramps.


Walk, Hike, Saunter: Seasoned Women Share Tales and Trails
Susan Alcorn

Amazon description: In “Walk, Hike, Saunter,” long-distance hiker Susan Alcorn introduces you to 32 experienced outdoors women who consider hiking to be an essential part of their lives. Their stories are told with honesty, insight and humor. They share their wisdom and proven tips to inspire women and men of all ages.

It’s official, I’m a seasoned woman! It’s an honor to be featured in this book. In my section, I share my first big challenge hike to Half Dome, what it’s like to walk the Camino alone, and a few tips on snacks for hiking. There are many more inspiring stories shared by some friends and other amazing trail mavens. This would make a great gift for anyone. Available in Kindle or Paperback from Amazon.

WALK: Jamie Bacon’s Secret Mission on the Camino de Santiago
Esther Jantzen

Walk: Jamie bacon's Secret Mission on the Camino de SantiagoWALK is a middle-grade book (for 8-13 year olds) that adults are reading with enthusiasm, too. It’s the story of the missteps, adventures, and heroism of an 11-year-old American boy who walks the Camino with his home-schooling family. He does the Camino Francés, and of course learns about the legends, history, art, architecture, and special places on that route.

Available on Kindle and Paperback from Amazon.

I just ordered a copy for my nephew! A friend who just finished it wrote a review on Amazon:5.0 out of 5 stars Suspenseful and intriguing all the way…


Camino Mysteries by Elena Skvirski

Camino MysteriesCamino Mysteries about the adventure of 7 year old Stella on the Camino. It’s a dreamy read for pilgrims of all ages.

Learn more at

Also available in Kindle on Amazon.


Books with Benefits: Global Regeneration with Trees

Karin Kiser, author of Your Inner Camino and After the Camino, announces a new tree-planting initiative. She writes, “Although I can’t pick up litter around the Camino de Santiago trees this year, I can team up with local groups in Spain to get more trees in the ground. From now through the end of April 2021, I am doing just that. I’m calling it my “Global Regeneration with Trees” project, and I hope to inspire others to plant trees not just in Spain, but around the world. With more than 32,000 hectares of trees being cut down every day, it will take more than just a few of us to regenerate the Earth.

Camino Pocket Guides by Karin Kiser

Camino Pocket Guides by Karin Kiser

Want to help? You can plant a tree in your yard, support tree planting groups in your community or join me in funding new trees in Spain. From now until February 28, 2021, a tree will be planted in Spain for every order of my Camino books, Your Inner Camino and After the Camino, that are purchased through Just enter the code “camino-provides” and you’ll receive a 10% discount as well. Join others from around the planet who are restoring harmony and balance to the Earth, one tree at a time.”

Read full article: Camino Trees by Karin Kiser

Camino Journal


My Journal for the Camino de Santiago is two books in onea daily journal and a book of daily inspirational quotes.  As a daily journal, the book provides two pages for each day where you can record your daily pilgrimage on the Camino as well as collect duplicate sellos, and keep drawings, photographs and other momentos from the Camino. As a book of daily inspirational quotes and poems, words of famous writers and spiritual leaders track your pilgrimage from hearing the call and beginning the journey; to being present to the landscape, other pilgrims, and your awakenings, challenges and joys as you journey; to arriving at Santiago and understanding that arriving is followed by new beginnings. As the second edition of The Pilgrim Soul, new quotes have been added to this journal, the book sized to fit into your belly pack for easy use during the day, and the weight reduced.

As you author this journal, you are invited to open your heart; feel the spirit of those whose feet shaped the paths you walk; experience the communitas of fellow pilgrims; and welcome the life force of new cultures. What is your experience of leaving home; of being a wanderer in another’s land; of sharing the Way with others; of risking all that you are for something that you are yet to become? What is that something greater in you that these pages can illuminate? May you delight in describing your days, discovering new perspectives, and finding a resting place for your pilgrim soul as you fill this journal of your days on the Camino.  Buen Camino to you!


  • 84 pages
  • Daily journal identifying the day of your pilgrimage and the location you started from and ended on that day
  • Daily, inspirational quotes and poems for the journey
  • Boxed areas for journaling, collecting duplicate sellos, sketching and entering photographs.
  • Fits in belly pack for easy portability (5” X 8”) and lightweight
  • Glossy cover

$17.99 Available on Amazon


Duende, by Dan Mullins

Duende album cover

Dan Mullins is a Sydney-based writer, podcaster and musician. He hosts My Camino – the Podcast, which currently has 200+ interviews with pilgrims from all around the world. He performed at the 2020 American Pilgrims on the Camino Gathering at Lake Tahoe, and his Camino song, “Somewhere Along the Way” is a hit with pilgrims around the world. Learn about Dan and the story behind “Somewhere Along the Way

The album is available on Apple Music and Amazon.

Dan sang and played his heart out for our chapter at a recent Holiday Happy Hour.

His session was recorded, and for a limited time, the video can be viewed at this link with this passcode: 9qm*&6sM

Into the Mountains, by Trailhead

Into The Mountains

Tobias Panwitz has a new CD “Into the Mountains”, reflecting on his hike across the Alps:

Listen to the album here:

There are several items T-Shirts, sweatshirts, hoodies, hats etc. with the “Keep Walking” logo. See

Camino Provides Patches

2021 PatchThe new patch for 2021 is now available!  This time with 2021 date in green and white twill background.  Available for $4 at Free shipping for US orders of $35 or more.

The Camino Patches

The 2020 and 2019 patches are on sale, 2 for the price of 1, no coded needed.

I currently have four patch designs available: Original with no date, 2019, 2020, and 2021. You can add a sticker to your order for just $1 each.



Alto del Perdón Sterling Silver and Copper Cuff Bracelet

Sterling silver and copper cuff bracelet depicting the Alto del Perdón Sculpture scene.

Sterling silver and copper cuff bracelet depicting the Alto del Perdón Sculpture scene.

Frank Maiolo made a new gorgeous bracelet! ​Alto del Perdón … The Height of Forgiveness.
This handmade treasure depicts the historic journey of the pilgrims traveling the Camino de Santiago. The figures are hand cut out of copper to match the color and patina of this iconic sculpture.
The pilgrims are bracketed by two sterling silver Camino shells representing Camino de Santiago path. See more photos.

$300 Ordering details


Berkshire Camino of Western Massachusetts

Berkshire Camino Gift Certificate PIP

Berkshire Camino LLC is a tour operator that makes it easy, safe and engaging to join half-day town-to-town walks and multi-day hiking journeys in the Berkshires of Western Massachusetts. The concept is inspired by the experience of pilgrimages on the Camino de Santiago. Group sizes are limited to 8 guests and COVID protocols are followed for the utmost in safety and comfort. Berkshire Camino is solo traveler friendly.  Follow on FaceBook.

Mindy Miraglia, Founder
Berkshire Camino, LLC

The Hero’s Camino 90-Day Interactive Course

THE HERO'S CAMINO_ Discover the Joy of Your Authentic Self

Kathy Kehe and Adam Wells, both certified life coaches, have teamed together to create a unique offering. Over a 3-month period, participants are guided through nine main stages of the Hero’s Journey in the context of both the Camino and life.

Unpack your Camino, identify “the call to adventure,” discover the gifts and wisdom it
provided, and explore what’s needed to return to your everyday life with “the elixir.”

Treat yourself to a Camino community and escape isolation during the pandemic. A wonderful course for those who want to write about their Camino experience as well as those preparing to walk the Camino for the first time.

Learn more and register: The Hero’s Camino

Kathy and Adam also host other Camino events including free Hero’s Camino introductory webinars. Check out their websites for more details.

“This course is like a guidebook from Life University,” said a 2020 participant.

“I wish this for everyone who has walked or will walk the Camino,” said another.

The Save Casa Susi Fund

Casa Susi

Now I haven’t stayed at Casa Susi, but I heard a lot about it. Pilgrim friend Peter Abildgaard notified me about the need to save this albergue and the he and his wife Tess are organizing this fundraiser on behalf of Sue Swain.  2020 has been a bad year for Casa Susi and unless we help them now, they will not survive. Click here to learn more and donate.

Donate $100 and they will send you a calendar and pack of 6 cards.

New Additions

International House Berkeley

International House at UC Berkeley is the non-profit organization that I am grateful to work for. Like many businesses, we’ve been hit hard this year due to the pandemic. We are working towards reopening next year so students from around the world can experience the cultural exchange that we are known for. Our mission: To foster intercultural respect and understanding, lifelong friendships, and leadership skills for a more just and peaceful world. Whether you are a Berkeley alum or resident, like the Spanish architecture of our historic building, or love the idea of students sharing cultural experiences, eating together, doing laundry, sleeping in bunk beds, and making friends from around the world (sound familiar?), consider donating to International House. Please read the message from our executive director, and make a gift at No amount is too small.  Supporter names will appear on the virtual honor roll and gifts of $100 or more will also appear in our newsletter, unless you choose to be anonymous.
Thanks for your donativo.  I’m a hospitalera in waiting, both at home and on the Camino.

I wish you all many blessings in the new year!

That’s a wrap for now! For pilgrims who missed the deadline but would like their Camino-related product or service included in this post, please email me by Tuesday, Dec. 29, 2020. This post will remain “evergreen” throughout 2021.

Most of the items featured in previous years posts are still available, so you can always skip back to these years 2019, 2018, 2017, and 2016 to see other ideas.

I have made a Camino connection with these pilgrims who’s items are featured above, either in person or online. By supporting these artists, you are supporting the Camino creatives tribe. I see this as a way pilgrims can share their talents in a way others can enjoy, and possibly, also be inspired by the Camino!

Some of the items available on Amazon are links through their affiliate program. I earn a small commission from qualifying purchases, which helps to cover my costs of hosting and maintaining this website. There is never any additional cost to you. I also include direct links to the purchasing websites provided by the vendors.

Camino Inspired Gift Ideas 2020

3 thoughts on “Camino-Inspired Gift Ideas for 2021

  1. Laurie,
    Your Camino list of Gifts each year is a pleasure to see and ponder about.
    – You and your Camino Provides Website are such a GIFT to our International World Wide Camino Tribe!! 💝👣
    – It feels good remembering when we first connected in April 2015. 💝

    I wish you, your hubby and family a sweet and special Holiday experience. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

    With Love, your Camiga,

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  2. Laurie, this is just terrific! Thanks so much for promoting WALK. And I love many of the other products you’ve featured here. Definitely going to order.

    Love, Light, and blessings to you and this excellent blog in the 2021 year ahead! XO Esther


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