The Joy of Walking Alone

Favorite Camino blogs: Ger’s Camino
Geraldine walked the Camino Francés in 2013, and is currently recapping the experience on her blog.
“The Joy of Walking Alone” caught my attention because I plan to walk alone—to the bewilderment of my family and friends. Ger honestly discusses the initial fear she had, and the inevitable solace and camaraderie that the Camino provided. She relished it.
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Ger's Camino Blog - Camino de Santiago

IMG_0791Ever since I first heard about the Camino de Santiago pilgrimage route in Spain, I knew I wanted to walk it alone. Back then, I was part of a weekly mountaineering club and I was fit as a fiddle. The long distance didn’t scare me – it excited me. I wasn’t looking for a pilgrimage or an outlet for a mid-life crisis. I just wanted “a good, long walk”. The camino seemed to offer that and I knew instinctively that wanted to experience it alone.

If I had walked it then in the early Noughties, I would have experienced a more rustic camino for sure. Friends tell me there was never any hot water for showers and there was a lot less accommodation on offer (not just in terms of variety but also in terms of quantity). They also tell me that speaking Spanish (or even better, Catalan, Basque, Galician…

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One thought on “The Joy of Walking Alone

  1. Hi Laurie. Thanks for sending. In fact, walking alone is the best way to do the Camino, in my view. That’s what I did both times. It gives one the opportunity for thought, and contemplation. That said, “Camino families” do form and walk in tandem. You likely will experience that, as I did.

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