100 Spanish Photos Blog

“there’s the wine – delicious, cheap, and omnipresent”

Happy Friday everyone! I found a great blog that is incredibly fun to follow for us Caminoholics.  Writer Xina Marie Uhl just returned from her Camino in May and is now going through her photos and releasing them on her blog Journey Taker: travel and writing.

When I browse through her 100 Spanish Photos (currently there are 61), I feel like I’m walking the Camino with her, but without the blisters or sore knees. One of my favorite posts is about the free wine fountains that I’ve heard about and cannot wait to try! In her words:

“What can you expect food-wise while walking the Camino de Santiago in northern Spain? Well, first there’s the wine – delicious, cheap, and omnipresent. In fact, there’s even a free wine fountain at the Monasterio de Irache. I’ll just let that sink in for a moment. FREE WINE ON THE CAMINO. It also includes a webcam so that you can tell your friends to look at you drinking free wine in Spain. You know, if you are mean like that.”

wine fountainfrom Food for the Soul – 35-41/100 Camino Photos  by

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