Montefurado, the pierced mountain

It appears that Galicia and California have a lot in common with our gold mining history, mountains and fine wines. No wonder this NorCal girl is so at home in northern Spain! Enjoy a bit of Roman history along with food and wine tips from Jorge over at the kilomEATers.

the kilomEATers

Montefurado mina y arquitectura tradicional Montefurado mine and traditional architecture.

Montefurado, Pierced Mountain. You know you are about to hear an interesting story when you hear a name like that. Montefurado is nowadays a small village in the Sil Valley, in the Northeastern corner of Ourense province, somewhere halfway between Santiago de Compostela and León. But when the Romans came to that region they knew as Gallaecia the valley was a goldmining hotspot.

Less than 100 km away, up this same valley, As Medulas, a U.N. World Heritage Roman mine is very popular. There the Romans literally dissolved a mountain searching for gold. What is left is a landscape of red pinnacles, caves, galleries and chestnut trees woods growing on the red land. Montefurado is pretty much the same, even more impressive from a technical point of view, but much less known.

Montefurado tunel Montefurado tunnel

What the Romans did at Montefurado was, literally, pierce a mountain, build…

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