Weekend Watch – Animated Google Earth Map

The Camino Frances tour via Google Earth.

Make your own Google Earth Pro animated map.

#CaminodeSantiago #TheCaminoProvides #FridayFaves
Thanks for sharing this, David.


Happy Sunday! In this weekend watch, I’ve taken a detour from the diary clips showing scenery (not that that is a bad thing!). This is a clip of the Camino Frances in its entirety showing the towns and cities it passes through. I must message the creator and ask how he made it.

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5 thoughts on “Weekend Watch – Animated Google Earth Map

    • Hi David,

      This map is a representación of the tweets that the users of miCamino (http://goo.gl/85wbZS) on August. It is interesting to see the activity along the differents ways. The intensity of the points represent the numbers of tweets.

      We are working currently in the comparative between this information and the accommodation available along the way. In the App miCamino we have a collection of more than 2,500 accommodation.


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