Camino Primitivo, the Primitive Way

This article made me hungry and brought back memories of the delicious food in Galicia and cider houses in Asturias.
Buen provecho!

4 thoughts on “Camino Primitivo, the Primitive Way

  1. Thought of you and your blog this week because the Camino did provide again. We have been on the Norte- just got off– in an area with few services. However for three days in a row, something popped up just as we wanted to stop for lunch– providing food, shelter, and chairs.
    The first was a small building with a sign reading “sodas” and it was an unattended room with vending machines, table, and chairs. On the second day, I saw a table set up near a cluster of houses and the Senora had a row of sodas set out (for sale). On the third day, near a farmhouse we noticed a small table with an assortment of items for sale and a basket to collect the 1 euro each for a bag of pastries, chestnuts, or fruit, and a wedge of local cheese. None of these places were in the guide books — just a little roadside business that made our day more pleasant.

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