Camino Primitivo, the Primitive Way

This article made me hungry and brought back memories of the delicious food in Galicia and cider houses in Asturias.
Buen provecho!

the kilomEATers

When we talk about the Camino (or the Camino de Santiago) we normally assume we are talking about the French Camino, the way from France to Santiago across Castile and other Spanish regions as Navarra and La Rioja. It is probably the most recognised way of pilgrimage to Santiago, specially since it was inscribed as U.N. World Heritage in the 90’s. But there are many other historical ways to Santiago. At least 30 of them are recognised, linking the city with Madrid, Barcelona, Seville, Lisbon, Rome or Southern England.

Montefurado medieval hospital, Fonsagrada (Lugo) Montefurado medieval hospital, Fonsagrada (Lugo)

The oldest of the pilgrimage ways runs from Oviedo (the capital city of Asturias) to Santiago. Back in the Early Middle Ages, when most of the Iberian Peninsula was ruled by the moors, there was a small kingdom in the North, beyond the Cantabrian Mountains, trying to restore the hegemony of christianity in what we…

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4 thoughts on “Camino Primitivo, the Primitive Way

  1. Thought of you and your blog this week because the Camino did provide again. We have been on the Norte- just got off– in an area with few services. However for three days in a row, something popped up just as we wanted to stop for lunch– providing food, shelter, and chairs.
    The first was a small building with a sign reading “sodas” and it was an unattended room with vending machines, table, and chairs. On the second day, I saw a table set up near a cluster of houses and the Senora had a row of sodas set out (for sale). On the third day, near a farmhouse we noticed a small table with an assortment of items for sale and a basket to collect the 1 euro each for a bag of pastries, chestnuts, or fruit, and a wedge of local cheese. None of these places were in the guide books — just a little roadside business that made our day more pleasant.

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