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Happy Friday! I have a new recommendation to add to the growing list of favorite Camino blogs. Gabriel Schirm, author of Sunrises to Santiago, runs a beautifully designed blog called The Curious Life Project, at

Indeed, Gabriel’s curiosities have been fun to read—from Spain Travel Tips For Foodie Outdoor Enthusiasts to How To Get Time Off For Long Distance Hikes And Travel— a burning question for most Americans afflicted with wanderlust.  Gabriel covered the topic thoroughly and even took the time to do a poll and include stats. He writes, “I asked the simple question, How Did You Get The Time Off To Walk Long Distance Treks? Here are the combined results from about 100 respondents:
Quit My Job – 2%
Flexible Boss – 14%
I Work For Myself – 25%
Independently Wealthy – 0%
Saved All Of My Vacation Time – 15%
Student On Break – 5%
Educator On Summer Break – 11%
Other – 10%”

The post that got me hooked was Must Eat Foods of the Camino de Santiago. Gabriel and his wife lived in Granada for two years and walked the Camino Frances, so they know what they’re talking about.

They’ve been to many of my favorite places in Spain, and I have to agree with their love for Spanish cuisine. Just take a look at some of these food porn photos that had me drooling:

Pincho of Jamón ibérico in Santiago de Compostela
Pincho of Jamón ibérico in Santiago de Compostela
Pimientos de Padrón
Pimientos de Padrón
Spanish Orange Juice and the Cathedral of León
Spanish Orange Juice and the Cathedral of León

Man, what I would give for a glass of fresh zumo de naranja now! I look forward to trying Caldo de Gallego, and even the fried baby squid when I’m in Spain this May.

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Gabriel recently wrote a guest post for the Camino Love series, Love is the Camino de Santiago

I’m currently enjoying the version of his book Sunrises to Santiago, and will write a book review post soon.

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See more Favorite Camino Blogs and let me know if you have any suggestions.

Buen Camino!

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