Pilgrim Story Hour with Mony Dojeiji

Mony DojeijiFor today’s Friday Favorites, I’m happy to feature the Pilgrim Story Hour with Mony Dojeiji.  This is a series of video and audio podcasts dedicated to sharing stories about the Camino experience. Mony begins each episode with a story of her own based on a particular theme, then she invites online participants to join in and share theirs. She is a master storyteller and speaks authentically on a variety of Camino topics, such as rituals, animal encounters, trusting a stranger, walking alone, and courage.

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Love revealed itself when I wasn’t looking

Love revealed itself when I wasn’t looking

By Mony Dojeiji

It’s such a cliché to hear that you find love when you’re not looking for it. Yet here I am, one of those clichés.

My divorce in the late ‘90s came quickly and unexpectedly. From having just moved into the house of my dreams, to now being alone for the first time in my adult life, I felt confused, withdrawn and hesitant to commit to any relationship.

But within this great upheaval was the seed for the greatest transformation, as I began taking those first tentative steps towards knowing and accepting myself, and towards love of self above all else.

It was with this inner focus that I showed up on the Camino in May of 2001. I didn’t prepare. I didn’t plan. I had quit my corporate career nine months earlier, and begun to travel alone. My intention was to find the meaning in my life that had until then eluded me. I was also experimenting with a new spirituality, trying to shift my focus from living in my mind and its need to control every aspect of life, to living from the heart, learning to trust in myself, in others and this magnificent Universe in which we live. Rather than avoid my fears, I wanted to face and heal them. Rather than close off from the world, I wanted to embrace it.

Mony Dojeiji

Camino in May 2001

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