Gayle Takes A Hike

Hats off to Gayle from Australia for documenting her Camino Portugués on her blog Gayle Takes A Hike.  I walked through many of the same places she did, and when I saw this Stop sign in particular, it brought a smile to my face.

Gayle (pictured center) at the same sign I saw on my longest day of walking, from Padrón to Santiago.

Gayle (pictured center) at the same sign I saw on my longest day of walking, from Padrón to Santiago.

Gayle went on to travel in Morocco after she completed this Camino. I just love how the Aussies roll with multiple trips within a trip.

Here’s an excerpt from Gayle’s last post from the Camino Portugués:

So the Latin name for Gayle is Abrahamam. How do I know this? Because I just received my Compostela for walking the Camino Portuguese! Yes – 600 or so kilometres later Jerry, Dawid and I walked into Santiago de Compostela. The feelings were just as intense as last year as we walked into Plaza do Obradoiro and gazed up at the cathedral – still swathed in scaffolding as it was last year.
The walk was fairly easy. It was only 14-15kms but there were a few detours around the city roads that confused us. We started out in rain but it soon cleared to lovely sunshine. There was a definite spring in all our steps and Dawid had us speak to camera about what we would be saying to ourselves in a couple of months’ time about the journey. It was an interesting exercise. . . .
So this journey ends. I’ll be here for a couple of days and then off to Morocco. It’s been an amazing trip – I’ve met incredible people and got to know the ones I already knew even more deeply. I’ve been challenged, frustrated, delighted, and throughout always supported.
Thanks for sharing this journey with me: Buen Camino!

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Buen Camino!

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  1. Thanks for featuring my story on your Friday Faves section Laurie! It’s great to read the posts from the other travellers you’ve featured and just what I needed to kickstart planning my next camino: Chemin du Puy next year! Buen Camino!

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