Porto Memories: Coastal Stroll

Continued from Ferreira Port Cellars Tour and Tasting.

Matosinhos Beach

One of the tour’s included dinners was about a fifteen-minute drive from the Porto at Matosinhos Beach. I felt like I was back in California when I saw the surfers wearing wet suits.

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4th Annual Lake Tahoe Pilgrim Rendezvous

I’m sharing an event hosted by Camino friends Dave Jennings and Monica Armanino.  An open invitation to pilgrims, both those who have walked the Caminos de Santiago and those who are planning to walk.
Incline Village/Mt. Rose, Nevada at N. Lake Tahoe
Friday, July 21 – Sunday, July 23

An unbelievable winter, can you imagine over 65 ft. of snow on Mt. Rose. The falls, streams and wildflowers should be spectacular.

An unbelievable winter, with over 65 ft. of snow on Mt. Rose. The falls, streams and wildflowers should be spectacular.

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Porto Memories: Ferreira Port Cellars Tour and Tasting

Continued from Porto Memories: Stock Exchange Palace and Imperial McDonald’s.

If you like Port wine, don’t miss a visit to the many Port cellars on the south side of the Duoro in Porto. Instead of touring the British-founded Sandeman Port, our tour guide brought us to Ferreira, the only Porto wine house to have remained in Portuguese hands since its foundation. And it was made successful by a woman! Ferreira tops the list in the 10 Wine Tours You Can’t Miss in Porto. Below are photos from our experience.

Founded in 1751, it became particularly prominent under the leadership of Dona Antónia Adelaide Ferreira.

Founded in 1751, the winery became particularly prominent under the leadership of Doña Antónia Adelaide Ferreira.

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Porto Memories: Stock Exchange Palace and Imperial McDonald’s

Continued from Porto Memories: Walking Tour.

Below are the photos of the Stock Exchange Palace, followed by our guilty pleasure: having lunch at the Imperial McDonald’s. Don’t judge, some people say it’s the most beautiful McDonald’s in the world!

Designated a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, Palácio da Bolsa (Stock Exchange Palace) was built in the nineteenth century by the city’s Commercial Association in Neoclassical style. According to the Rick Steves Portugal book, “Today this unassuming building is neither a stock exchange or a palace, but a breathtaking monument to civic and commercial pride, with some of the most lavishly decorated rooms in Portugal.”

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Porto Memories: Walking Tour

Continued from São Bento Railway Station.

I love to take walking tours to get a vibe on a city. Trafalgar usually includes walking tours led by locals, and we have always had a fantastic experience. Below are the photos from our tour through the Ribeira (riverbank) district of Porto, and the Dom Luis I bridge.

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Camino and Hiking Events in May 2017

Below is the roundup of Camino related events and hikes in the SF Bay Area for the month of May 2017. But first, I would like to highlight a few recent updates on this blog, and announce a new e-book on the Spiritual Variant of the Camino Portugués.

Camino Francés Route Report

Santa Cruz couple Cathy Seitchik Diaz and David Stewart are on the Camino Francés right now.  As the reporter for the Camino Frances this year, she is sharing the stages the Camino Francés, complete with daily distances, photos, observations and useful tips. See Days 1-12 and Days 13-24.  Cathy is, quite possibly, the world’s happiest pilgrim!  You can find other Camino routes linked under the Route Reports drop-down menu, and on the Camino Routes page.

Pondering Portugal?

I have been writing about Porto, a popular Camino Portugués starting point. The series is linked below, and on My Camino Portugués Stages page.

Porto Memories:
Six Bridges Cruise and Porto at Night
The Porto Cathedral
J. K. Rowling Hangouts, Majestic Café and Livrario Lello
São Bento Railway Station
Porto Walking Tour
Stock Exchange Palace and Imperial McDonald’s
Ferreira Port Cellars Tour and Tasting
Coming soon are posts about a coastal stroll and Fatima.  I am clearing the photos off my laptop to make space for my next adventures in France, then walking the Camino Inglés. 🙂 Follow my Facebook page for live updates during my trips.  www.facebook.com/CaminoProvides/

New Kindle book on the Camino Portugués

Roy Uprichard has a new book on Amazon kindle for just .99 cents.  It’s called: Stone and Water – Walking the Spiritual Variant of the Camino Portuguese. Roy asks that you download, share and consider leaving a review on Amazon, to make it easier for others to find it. The preface is written by Celestino Lores, President of the Friends of the Camino Portugués. Available on Amazon.com.

Let the games begin!

Monthly Lake Merritt Walk in Oakland
Saturday, May 6, 10:30 am

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Porto Memories: São Bento Railway Station

Continued from J. K. Rowling Hangouts, Majestic Café and Livrario Lello.

I enjoyed seeing the blue-and-white azulejo tiles on buildings throughout our tour of Portugal, but the São Bento Railway Station in Porto takes the cake! It celebrated its hundredth anniversary in 2016 and is still serving thousands of people a day as a transportation hub in the heart of Porto. Afar magazine claims it to be the most beautiful train station in the world. It is certainly the prettiest that I have been to. Whether or not you need to take a train while in Porto, spend some time to enjoy the beautiful scenes of life in those gleaming tiles. Think of it as an admission-free museum!

Train Station in Porto

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Porto Memories: J. K. Rowling Hangouts, Majestic Café and Livrario Lello

Did you know that the author of the beloved Harry Potter books lived in Porto between 1991 and 1993?  J. K. Rowling taught English there and used to hang out at the Majestic Café, and the 100-year-old bookshop, Livrario Lello.

According to The Portugalist, “During this time she outlined and developed her ideas for the entire seven-book series, and even got started on book one.”

I loved reading all the Harry Potter books and watching the films, so visiting J. K. Rowling’s old haunts was very exciting! Continue reading

What is the Camino Inglés?

By Kat Davis of followingthearrows.com


Check out and this blog by Kat Davis, Followingthearrows.com,  and her video on the Camino Inglés to get a glimpse of the route I’ll be walking.

I am just one month away from my Camino Inglés and I am getting super excited!

Kat’s blog also has a lot of good detail on the Caminos Frances, Portugués, and Primitivo at followingthearrows.com/caminos/

Followingthearrows.com is now on my Favorite Camino Blogs page.

Source: What is the Camino Ingles?

Porto Memories: The Cathedral

Continued from Porto Memories: Six Bridges Cruise and Porto at Night.

The Porto Cathedral is the place to get your first stamp if you start your Camino in Porto. You can also buy a pilgrim’s credencial there. I already had a credencial from American Pilgrims on the Camino, but I bought this one in case I ran out of space for stamps. It was the same older style from the pilgrim office in Santiago, and cost €2. See comparison of credencials.

Below are photos of the Porto Cathedral.

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