The Camino is more than just a long walk in Spain. It’s a lifestyle! Show your pilgrim spirit year-round with a patch, available for purchase at Current designs available: 2021, 2023, 2024, Original (no year)

The Camino Provides Patches

The Camino Provides 2023 Patch

Current designs available: 2021, 2023, 2024, Original (no year)

The Camino Patches

The Camino Provides Official Patches are available on

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Limited edition items

Yoga pants with secret zipper, designed by my friend Cathy Sietchik Diaz.

Share the Camino love by wearing this heart design with “Love, Camino Style” in red and yellow—the colors of the Spanish flag (inspired by all the Camino love stories).

Long-sleeve: “Love, Camino Style” $35

Love, Camino Style black long sleeve unisex shirt

Women’s T-Shirt: “Love, Camino Style” $25

For details on how to order these Love shirts, email me.

Show your Camino Style


I’m not selling these designs for profit; rather, I’m trying to make my blog sustainable. Over the years, I invested a lot of my own money and time into building this resource to share my discoveries, as the Camino calling has been strong. I have delved deep into research and training, sharing tips and pieces of advice from wise and experienced pilgrims. I hope that by sharing on this blog my prep phase and my own experiences gathered on the Camino, I will assist future and returning pilgrims in making informed choices. To cover the costs of hosting my blog, I partner with like-minded sponsors who have something of value to share with other Camino enthusiasts. On my site, you won’t see random ads that have nothing to do with the Camino. You will, however, see an occasional Camino book, product, or my own designs linking to my Etsy shop. Unlike authors of other web sites, I don’t ask for donations (I already work at a non-profit!), but I do like to make accessories for those who have embraced the Camino lifestyle. I love to share anything that is good. :-)