Communitas Blog: Way of Saint James

Happy Holidays! I have a new favorite Camino blog, Communitas Blog: Making a Big World Smaller by Landon Roussel, MD.  He has walked three routes: Camino Francés in 2009 and El Norte in 2011 with his wife, and Primitivo in 2013 with his brother. He writes, “It is really a blog about my reflections on my most recent Camino with my brother on the primitive way. We walked this just before he was unexpectedly killed, and after his death I spent the year writing a memoir about our Camino, which chronicles not only our pilgrimage on the Camino Primitivo, but also our pilgrimage in life, which was marked by over a decade of estrangement due to his struggles with drugs and prison prior to coming together on the way of St. James.” Continue reading