Camino Inglés 3 Ways Presentation

Hi all,

I hope everyone is doing swell. Below are links to our Northern California Chapter’s 3-part presentation on the Camino Inglés. There are many Caminos and many ways to walk them. In this presentation, three experienced pilgrims talk about one Camino, the Camino Inglés, and the different ways that they walked it.

Emilio Escudero explains how he walked first from A Coruña and then from Ferrol following the traditional approach of carrying his own backpack and staying in albergues. Laurie Ferris describes her walk from Ferrol with her backpack where she stayed in hotels as well as albergues. Finally, Rob Nickerson explains his approach using a tour company to arrange accommodations, meals, and luggage transport in his walk from Ferrol with his wife. All had great but different experiences, which you will hear about in this talk. Maybe after listening to this talk you will walk a different Camino following a different approach. It’s your Camino.

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