Project Camino

Fans of the Camino de Santiago now have another great podcast series to listen to. Project Camino is a series of interviews with pilgrims hosted by Brendan Bolton.  The podcast is a platform for people to share their personal insights on how they have taken the Camino home with them. Brendan’s aim is to gather a worldwide tribe of like-minded people who want to understand how others successfully live their Camino.

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The Camino Podcast

There’s a great new resource for people interested in the Camino de Santiago. The Camino Podcast by Dave Whitson is a high quality audio podcast available on both SoundCloud and iTunes.  You’ll hear interviews with pilgrims who share stories from the road, some technical aspects of pilgrimage, and some fascinating history. Dave interviewed Phil Volker and Annie O’Neil about Phil’s Camino in Episode 4, and Landon Roussel, author of On the Primitive Way, in Episode 6. He even covered hot topics like blisters and snoring in Episode 8. As he says, “The snorchestra is in full effect. . .”

I can appreciate his sense of humor, clear voice and passion for sharing Camino stories.  He’s done something amazing here. Listen below: Continue reading