Mount Diablo Hike with Scott “Shroomer” Williams

I finally hiked Mount Diablo, which I’ve been seeing all my life, as it’s the highest peak in the Bay Area at 3,849 feet elevation. I did it in a big way, with the guidance of long distance hiking expert, Scott “Shroomer” Williams and some of his hiking buddies.  We did nearly 3,000 feet elevation gain in four miles on the way up to the summit, and back downmy ears actually popped at one point! This was the ultimate Camino training hike, and I now can see why it’s called Devil Mountain.  Scott said there is nothing this tough on the Camino (thank goodness!) and that people train for Everest on these trails.  Below is my account of hiking with Shroomer.

The rolling hills leading up to the summit of Mt. Diablo

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