Hola mundo

Hello world.  This is a blog about something I am passionate about: the Camino de Santiago pilgrimage in northern Spain. While I haven’t walked it yet, there is a strong Camino calling in me that I have to answer to. I am currently in the research phase: exploring route options, meeting pilgrims at events, following Camino adventures on Facebook, attending talks, book signings and film screenings. As it turns out, there is a wealth of Camino information on the web, at my local library, and to my surprise, among my own network of friends.

During this early phase of my Camino journey, I’ll be posting what I learn about the Camino. I will share recommended readings, films, personal essays, links to useful videos, and highlights of Bay Area Pilgrim events. I’ve also added pilgrim interviews about what “the Camino provides,” which is a popular phrase.  Eventually when I walk the Camino, I will use this blog to post my daily travel journal.

A pilgrimage of this magnitude doesn’t start when one takes their first step on terra firma in Spain. The journey begins when the dream that has been seeded starts to grow and can no longer be ignored. I am just following my bliss. I look forward to sharing my Camino with you, and hearing about your bliss.

I Love Espana

13 thoughts on “Hola mundo

  1. Hola, dear friend! Oh so you’re from Spain? 🙂 I’m an Indonesian. Your country is so famous in my country especially if it’s talking about football, he..he. Nice to meet you! 🙂


  2. Good for you! French & Italian are similar. I was just in Italy and by habit I would speak Spanish (sometimes Spanglish!) and Italians understood me.
    I studied Spanish in high school, but there’s nothing like living in a country and being fully immersed to really learn the language. I hope to become fluent on the Camino when I serve as a volunteer in a few years.


  3. Thanks for the follow! I love your trekking blog. I can learn a lot from you two, like how to shit in the woods. LOL! And thanks for not calling it a “bucket list.” I think we should coin a new phrase for a fun version of a “to do list,” which sound like chores to me. How about: passion punch list, dream checklist, new-do list, adventure quest, experience junkie checklist.


  4. Hello Laurie! I am excited to be following your blog! I am also pazza about the Camino, although I have not yet walked it. The dream is strong and I read everything I can about it. I see we have similar interests: dogs, hiking, yoga, travel, music, writing. Oh, and did I mention rescue dogs? 🙂 I live in the Sacramento area and grew up in Sonoma County, so I know the Bay Area well. Buen Camino!

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    • Hi Melinda, Thanks for sharing in the excitement of the Camino. The calling is strong indeed! Have you been to Camino events in Sacramento? The gatherings are fun ways to meet pilgrims and volunteers who are also passionate about it. They have been so welcoming to me as a newbie who has many questions. If you are ever in the Bay Area on the first Sat. of the month, join us for a walk around Lake Merritt. There will also be a gathering for St. James day on July 25th at Berkeley’s Newman Hall. It would be nice to meet another Caminoholic in person. 😉


      • Hi Laurie, Caminoholic! Love it! That is me! I’d love to meet up with you and others, as well. Unfortunately, we’ll be gone on July 25th. I haven’t been to, or heard about, Camino events in Sacramento. We’d love to go!

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