Opting Outside with REI

REI just gave us another reason to be loyal customers. Today on Black Friday, the busiest shopping day of the year in America, all REI stores are closed. The CEO made the announcement about a month ago with the idea that REI employees deserve a paid day off to enjoy the outdoor lifestyle that the company promotes. It has caused a ripple effect across the nation with state parks waiving their entrance fees for the day.

REI has been encouraging people to share photos of them doing something outside on Black Friday instead of shopping, and posting it with the hashtag #OptOutside. Check out optoutside.rei.com  and add your own photo to the gallery. They make it easy to layer their “stamp” over a photo and share it on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest or email. See mine below.

My Black Friday "Opting Outside" by taking a walk in the snow with the dogs

My Black Friday “Opt Outside” started by taking a walk in the snow with the dogs

It appears this brilliant idea has taken over the Twittersphere – The #OptOutside hashtag is trending more than #BlackFriday!

Of course, REI online is always open, and you can get great Camino gear and clothing 24-7 from REI.com.  But take a moment to do something outside today and share your photo along with 1.1 million people (and counting!) who joined REI in this campaign to #OptOutside.

Buen Camino!

PS- The Camino Provides T-Shirt I’m wearing below will be available soon. I ordered samples and am making sure the quality is something I would wear and recommend. I will offer two designs and different styles for men and women at a low cost.
Wearing my new Camino Provides T-Shirt   With Annie O'Neil at the screening of Phil's Camino

Camino Provides T-Shirts

Camino Provides T-Shirt

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