Camino books on Kindle: A steal and a freebie

I usually share a Camino blog for Friday Favorites, but I’m noticing there aren’t as many active blogs in the winter as pilgrims seem to be in hibernation or planning mode. So, I’m opening up the Friday Faves topic to share all sorts of favorites – good deals included! Here are a two free offers on Amazon Kindle Unlimited.

On the Primitive Way
by Landon Roussel

UPDATE: See Book Review: On The Primitive Way

OnThePrimitiveWayOn the Primitive Way recounts two Texan Brothers’ pilgrimage on the Way of St James, or El Camino de Santiago de Compostela. Commencing in Oviedo Spain, the author, the older brother, chronicles their  journey through the mountains of Asturias that brought them together after over a decade of estrangement due to the younger brother’s drug abuse, addiction and imprisonment. As they endure torrential rains, blindsiding blizzards and grueling climbs, the author comes to realize that the real challenge is not to survive the elements but to reconcile with his brother after a tumultuous past.

I featured Landon’s Communitas blog and wrote a Book Review: On The Primitive Way.

If you are a Kindle Unlimited customer, the book is free!

Click here to download or purchase On the Primitive Way.

Pilgrim Tips & Packing List Camino de Santiago:
What you need to know beforehand, what you need to take, and what you can leave at home

by S. Yates

Free for Kindle Unlimited subscribers.

PilgrimTipsBookFrom the description on Amazon:
“Some of the many topics covered in this book are:
Introduction into the daily pilgrim life – So that you know what to expect and what not. Movies like “The Way” are not always true to reality 😉
Which way and when? – Choosing the right Camino for you, and yes, there is a choice! And choosing the right time to go, plus many insider tips on how to experience a somewhat quieter Camino, even in the midst of the pilgrim season.
A detailed explanation of the few things you need to take, where best to buy them and what to look out for when buying them. And a longer list of things you don’t need to take and the reasons why.
A lot of practical background information covering pretty much every aspect of the pilgrim life.”
Click to download or purchase the paperback of Pilgrim Tips and Packing List on

Happy reading, and buen Camino!

Do you have a book to recommend? I love to read and review Camino books to feature on this page. Dígame in the comments below, or email me.

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