Happy Mother’s Day

I’ve been writing up a storm lately, and I really need to pack for my Camino, but I couldn’t resist a quick toast all the moms out there. For they have the most important job there is. Cheers to all the moms!

I’ve been playing with the Facebook Messenger Snap Chat thingy. Check out the birdies. My mom gave me the cross pendant for confirmation. I love the surprise effect of mama and baby bird!

In service today, Father Dan said something along these lines, “God is the father. . . Wait, scratch that, God is the mother. How many times do we hear ‘God is father’ in the gospel, but really, God is not a specific gender. What’s more, God’s love is unconditional, like a mother’s love for her child.”  Amen.

Fr. Dan also quoted a recent comic from The New Yorker. “The prodigal son returns to do his laundry.”


The New Yorker

The crowded church burst out in laughter! This is one of the reasons why I love my parish. Another is that I just got a blessing from Father Dan for a safe journey.  I wore my pilgrim shells and my Camino dress (quick-drying!) I held my Fátima rosary, and in my pocket were three small crystals.  I figure whatever is on me will be blessed too.  What can I say, I love the rituals!

Freshly blessed for a safe journey by Father Dan.

I was happy to see my fellow confirmation graduates, Ellie and Andrew, as well as Ann, the RCIA director. During our confirmation, we didn’t get to take a group photo, so we did today!

Peace, out. The three amigos survived adult confirmation.

Peace, out. The three amigos survived adult confirmation.

Ann, the RCIA director on the left.  So, a Buddhist, a Protestant and a Yogi walk into a bar…. and come out Catholics!

Cathy and David’s Camino #3

If you haven’t noticed on Facebook Camino groups or this blog, Santa Cruz friends Cathy Seitchik Diaz and David Stewart are on their third Camino. Cathy takes detailed notes and photos and absolutely LOVES helping pilgrims.  She posts on Facebook, but  she doesn’t have a public forum to share, so I have added them to the Route Reports section under Camino Francés. The reports will include Cathy’s practical tips, route details, albergue/hotels, David’s observations, and many highlights of the Camino Francés. Follow them in (almost) real time at Camino Francés 2017 Part 3.

“As I was looking around and saying Goodbye to the Mountains, I saw Phillip from the Canadian group coming down the ROCKY path.”

David Stewart is a walking!!

“David Stewart is walking again!”

Here is Cathy at Cruz de Ferro.

Cruz de Ferro. Prayers & Love for my mom.

Cruz de Ferro. Prayers & Love for my mom.

Read about Cathy’s loving tribute to her late mother here. I got tears in my eyes when I read this one. Learn more about Cathy.

Buen Camino everyone! I’ll be there soon.

Digame, por favor.

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