¡Feliz Navidad!

Happy Holidays! What’s it like to celebrate Christmas in Spain? Maria Seco, founder of Spanish for the Camino, lives on the Camino and just wrote an excellent post on her blog about traditions in Galicia. Enjoy!

Spanish for the Camino

The winter months are typically a quieter period in the Camino de Santiago. There are few pilgrims walking and many albergues are closed. However, some of you decide to walk around this time of the year and I thought you might like to know what to expect during Christmas.

First of all, you should be aware that there are a few festivos (public holidays). Shops will be closed those days; you should keep it in mind, in case you need to buy something. I’ll list the important dates and explain a bit about them:

  • 22 de diciembre – La lotería de Navidad (Christmas lottery) also known as “el gordo” (the fat one!). This is the unofficial start of Christmas celebrations. Almost everyone in Spain plays this lottery and it’s a huge event: TV, radio, people on the street… all you’ll hear about is lotería!

  • 24 de diciembre – Nochebuena (Christmas…

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