The Power of One

The Power of One
by Karin Kiser

What if one person can really change the world? You may not believe it, but what if you did?

We all have an innate desire to make a positive difference, to have our children and grandchildren inherit a beautiful world full of possibility. Yet in the midst of these challenging times, it’s tempting to throw up our hands and become overwhelmed by the magnitude of it all.

“How do we fix this?” “How can one person affect any of it?” Maybe you’ve struggled with questions like these. I certainly have. The more I realized the harm we are doing to ourselves, the planet and all of life, the closer I came to a state of paralysis and despair.

That sense of paralysis or despair is what leads many to walk the ancient pilgrimage route known as the Camino de Santiago. For centuries, people have walked the way to find healing from a loss, to overcome a challenge or simply to discover more about themselves.

Karin Kiser on the Camino in 2017

While those of us outside Europe can’t travel to Spain and walk the Camino now, we can step out of our routines and contemplate the “big picture” of our lives right here, wherever we are. For me, the more time I spend outdoors in nature and away from my digital devices, the more I realize how interrelated and interdependent everything really is. What each of us does matters.

That sense of community and camaraderie draws people back to the Camino again and again, where a small kindness from a stranger or a chance encounter can change us forever. Whether on or off the Camino, our thoughts and actions ripple out to the world in innumerable and often unseen ways. A genuine smile with the grocery store cashier could brighten her mood for the rest of the day, changing how she interacts with her family that evening, which then affects how they think and behave. That’s the Power of One. Each of us affects the whole of existence, every day.

When we seek new experiences, share our dreams, and remain open to the new and unknown, we can create a brighter world, one person at a time, wherever we are. That’s the Power of One.

You’re invited
On the Camino, you are part of something bigger than you, walking in the footsteps of millions that came before, all with the same intention. It’s powerful. You can be part of something bigger from home as well. Join me and others from around the world as we demonstrate the Power of One in a global visioning virtual event on October 1st and October 31st.  Details here:

Globe graphic The Power of One

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