Lifted by the Weight of Words

The Camino provides us the opportunity to adopt a new daily spiritual habit, such as journaling, prayer, meditation, or scripture readings. One cannot live on bread and hiking alone! Reflecting on my state of mind during each of my Caminos, I recall several approaches to enhancing spirituality. Although popular advice is to carry less, I could not resist sneaking something small into my backpack to remind me to do a spiritual practice each day. Instead of weighing me down, these tools spiritually lifted me up!

On my first Camino, I wanted to learn the history and embrace the pilgrim lifestyle, so I focused on the bonus material in the guidebooks. I found John Brierley’s A Pilgrims Guide to the Camino Portugués packed with historical and spiritual aspects of the route. Most notably, Monte Santiaguiño in Padrón, pictured below.


Photo: Wikimedia Commons

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