Love is in the air

The Camino Provides

Calling all Camino couples! You know who you are. Perhaps you met on the Camino and fell in love. Maybe you were newlyweds who walked the Camino for a honeymoon. Or an established couple who wanted to mix things up and test your relationship. Perhaps you walked alone and came to the conclusion that someone back home is your true love. Absence makes the heart grow fonder, so they say.

I wonder how many marriage proposals happened as a result of the Camino. It seems the Camino works in mysterious ways.  Is it something in the water or the Spanish wine?  I think there’s something in the air.

Love is in the air

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Favorite Camino YouTube Videos

Over the last few months I’ve found a few helpful and amusing videos on YouTube about tips for the Camino de Santiago.  Last week, instead of doing my usual Friday Favorites post,  I created a new page that has a selection of these videos embedded into playlists.  Check it out: Camino Films and Videos.

I also did something even more ambitious. I created a new YouTube channel and published my first gear review video. Being in front of the camera doesn’t come easy for me as I have always been a shy girl. I’d rather be behind the scenes promoting someone or something else.  However, I was inspired by some of these DIY videographers who are sharing Camino knowledge on YouTube in very creative ways: Continue reading