A Very Spanish Day at UC Berkeley

Happy Friday! I’m pleased to share a guest post by a young man from Murcia who lives at International House. Juan Antonio Perez Lopez, or “Juanan” for short, shares his experience cooking paella for a homeless shelter, followed by a celebration of Spanish culture back home at I-House. I’ll try to get his family paella recipe before he moves back to Spain. There’s a translation in Spanish at the end of the English version. Enjoy!

I-House: Where UC Berkeley Meets the World

On Wednesday, April 24th we had the opportunity to live a very Spanish day in Berkeley, 12,000 km away from my home in Spain. (For Spanish speakers, I have included a translation of this article en español below.)

The day began with a very special activity suggested by Paulina, another a Program Assistant in the International House Program Office. She organized an activity with the Berkeley Food and Housing Project, for which we cooked over 100 servings of paella in a homeless shelter. It was a beautiful experience, and also very special for me because we used my family’s paella recipe. Even though I have seen paella being made every Sunday for as long as I can remember, neither I nor the rest of our team (who were from many countries such as Nepal, Germany, USA, and Italy) had ever cooked paella in our lives.

We practiced making paella…

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