Camino-Inspired Gift Ideas for 2021

Greetings! It’s the time of year to share a selection of Camino-inspired gifts for the holidays.  I try to find gifts created within the last year, or that have not been featured on my previous posts.  This is an ode to the Camino creatives tribe, which I mentioned in a previous postThese are pilgrims who have been so inspired by their experience on the Camino that they have turned their creative ideas and hobbies into films, books, artwork, crafts,  jewelry, and more. I always enjoy hearing their stories and sharing their labors of love.

Note: If you have something that you think should be included in this list, email me a description and link. I will add more submissions to a “New additions” shortcut link that you’ll see when you revisit this post later.

Camino Books

Camino Wandering
By Tara Marlow

Camino Wandering is a fictional novel, set on the Camino de Santiago. Overcoming blisters, aching joints, and the uncertainty of life, the trio walk together on a path of trust and forgiveness. But as they shed the miles, and inches from their waistlines, the connection they share bonds them like no other relationship they have ever experienced.  Available in Paperback or Kindle from Amazon.

Found Along The Way: Stories from the Camino de Santiago
By Sheila Kogan

A delightful book by Bay Area author Sheila Kogan.
Available in Kindle and Paperback from Amazon.

A Daily Pilgrim Devotional
By G M T Brosius

A Daily Pilgrim Devotional serves as a daily devotional book for the hundreds of thousands whom are called by the path’s spirit to a holy and sacred site. The author has chosen words of inspiration carefully from ancient philosophers, statesmen, religious fathers and other authors who have written about pilgrimage and life as a journey. At the end of each daily entry, the author has an interpretive meaning which conveys a message of faith, hope and the resulting triumph of the pilgrim’s finish.  At a minimal weight of only 3.35 ounces (95 grams) and a size of 5 x 8 inches (12 x 20 cm), it was created for the person to place in their backpacks or mochilas. However, an e-book is available too! Pilgrims will also be able to write on the back of each of the 35 daily entries as a way to memorialize his or her journey and therefore to keep as a memento of their achievement.  The book was endorsed by the well respected and honourable John Brierley.

Available from Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

Surviving Christmas by Loving Advent: Making Peace with the Incomplete
by Roy Uprichard

Feel the ebb and flow of a season in this fresh look at our star-bright stories. Roy is making it a free download on Kindle until Monday, 29, November.

The Camino Provides

Hey, all. I hope everyone is staying healthy and enjoying the comforts of home throughout the holiday season.  I was hesitant to publish the annual Camino gifts post this year, seeing as many of us have been struggling to survive the global pandemic and economic recession. Not being able to walk a Camino in 2020 seems like the least of our concerns. Right?  Alas, some pilgrims are still releasing books, designing products, making music, creating experiences, and keeping the spirit of the Camino alive in one way or another. I couldn’t let this year slip by without sharing their creative visions.

This year’s roundup features pandemic essentials such as face masks, aprons, and gin! Of course, there’s the traditional offerings of books, music, jewelry, and Camino experiences. Plus, there ‘s a fundraiser to help save Casa Susi. If anything, this global pandemic has brought pilgrims together from all around…

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