Favorite Camino YouTube Videos

Over the last few months I’ve found a few helpful and amusing videos on YouTube about tips for the Camino de Santiago.  Last week, instead of doing my usual Friday Favorites post,  I created a new page that has a selection of these videos embedded into playlists.  Check it out: Camino Films and Videos.

I also did something even more ambitious. I created a new YouTube channel and published my first gear review video. Being in front of the camera doesn’t come easy for me as I have always been a shy girl. I’d rather be behind the scenes promoting someone or something else.  However, I was inspired by some of these DIY videographers who are sharing Camino knowledge on YouTube in very creative ways:

Packing list review / Revisão da mochila para o Camino de Santiago – LEGENDAS EM PORTUGUES

CAMINO TIPS: Albergues 101

CAMINO DE SANTIAGO – Jakobsweg – Packing list for light travellers

So, why did I put myself out there and publish a video of me comparing backpacks?  I truly want to help other seekers the way these experienced peregrinas have helped me.  I am at the early stages of planning my journey and am amazed how there is something new to learn about the Camino every day.  I also love to share a good thing, so videos are a natural expansion of this Camino blog. Although this is my first attempt at a review video, I speak from the heart and I know my videos will improve with more experience. Over the next few months I will add videos such as learning to use trekking poles, field test of my new backpack, gear and product reviews. When I’m on the Camino, I’d like to interview people that I meet along the way, and feature some of the many “Camino Providers” that help peregrinos in different capacities.

Friends, followers, and fellow Caminophiles, please visit my Camino Provides YouTube channel and give it some Likes and Subscribes.  ♥  Share the love!  I’d really appreciate it. 

Buen Camino!

4 thoughts on “Favorite Camino YouTube Videos

  1. Hey! Thanks for sharing one of my vids! I’m in the opposite camp – I’ve been making videos (sporadically) for ages, and want to start taking it more seriously now. Thinking about starting a blog of my own to accompany it. I don’t know what made me start making videos in the first place, but there’s a huge demand for it on youtube! I’ve gotten way more views and subscribers than I ever expected, and I’ve only made about 5 videos per year since I started 😛 I hope it’s as kind to you as it has been to me! It took a long time before many people starting viewing my content, however.

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    • Thanks Lindsey! I think you will be a great blogger. Your videos are so informative. I love your 10 money saving tips, especially #10. I can hardly wait to see the wine fountains! Here’s to sharing a good thing. 🙂


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