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There’s a great new resource for people interested in the Camino de Santiago. The Camino Podcast by Dave Whitson is a high quality audio podcast available on both SoundCloud and iTunes.  You’ll hear interviews with pilgrims who share stories from the road, some technical aspects of pilgrimage, and some fascinating history. Dave interviewed Phil Volker and Annie O’Neil about Phil’s Camino in Episode 4, and Landon Roussel, author of On the Primitive Way, in Episode 6. He even covered hot topics like blisters and snoring in Episode 8. As he says, “The snorchestra is in full effect. . .”

I can appreciate his sense of humor, clear voice and passion for sharing Camino stories.  He’s done something amazing here. Listen below:

CaminoPodcastSubscribe to The Camino Podcast on SoundCloud.

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Dave is always looking for recently-returned pilgrims to interview, so if you want to share your story on the Camino Podcast series, contact Dave at

I look forward to hearing more inspiring and fun stories on The Camino Podcast.

Tip: download these podcasts to your device to listen to during your next long flight, drive or while you’re doing practice hikes for the Camino!

Dave Whitson co-wrote the guidebook The Northern Caminos. Learn more at

Dave’s bio from
Dave Whitson has walked extensively on pilgrim roads in Europe. A teacher in Portland, Oregon, he has led seven student group pilgrimages, including four on the Frances and one on the Norte. He has walked the Norte and Primitivo three times.

3 thoughts on “The Camino Podcast

  1. Dear Laurie,
    Another GREAT “Camino Provides” Post and wealth and source of Camino pleasure and information. I have listened to 2 of Dave’s Podcasts, I have Subscribed and I planned to keep listened.
    Thank you for introducing us to ANOTHER wonderful Camino kindred spirit. 😊🙆😘👣


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