Love is in the air

Calling all Camino couples! You know who you are. Perhaps you met on the Camino and fell in love. Maybe you were newlyweds who walked the Camino for a honeymoon. Or an established couple who wanted to mix things up and test your relationship. Perhaps you walked alone and came to the conclusion that someone back home is your true love. Absence makes the heart grow fonder, so they say. I wonder how many marriage proposals happened as a result of the Camino. It seems the Camino works in mysterious ways.  Is it something in the water or the Spanish wine?  I think there’s something in the air.

Love is in the air

For the month of February, I’ll feature Camino love stories on the Love, Camino Style page.  I certainly respect the premise of what happens on the Camino stays on the Camino.  However, love is a splendid thing that should be celebrated. Has the Camino provided you with more than just a long walk? If you have a Camino love story to share,  email me or use the form below. Photos and video links welcome.

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11 thoughts on “Love is in the air

  1. David and I went to see the Documentary, Walking the Camino; Six Ways to Santiago on February 21, 2014. As we left the theater, I said to David, “I want to do this. I want to Walk the Camino de Santiago.” At that time, David, not an avid walker like me, not an avid exerciser like me, lovingly or was that reluctantly, said, “Okay.” There it began a new adventure for us. To plan, organize and learn what The Camino de Santiago was all about.

    April 9, 2015 arrived and we were on the plane flying to Paris, our first stop on the way to start our journey, our Pilgrimage across Spain. A few days before I remember saying, “What was I thinking!?!?” But off we went and once we landed in Paris I/we knew there was no turning back and this was the right thing to be doing.

    David and I Walked the Camino for 45 days, with some days of knee recovery in Leon. There was a time we thought we might need to stop, fearful I was doing irreparable damage to my knee. That caused stress in our communication a bit; I sad to be the one to cause the stoppage. David sad that we had come so far, and we might not be able to continue, and at the same time, worried and sad about my knee pain.

    David and I got thru that challenge and were a stronger and more united and loving couple as a result. The second part of our Camino was more an “Our” Camino,” and not just a “My” Camino with a partner. It brought us closer and more loving, compassion and patient with each other.

    At one point I said to David, “I feel like I have a new boyfriend.” I loved the old boyfriend, but/and I loved and appreciated the new boyfriend even more.

    The Camino also put us on a more equal level. From the start we both noticed how “equal” all Pilgrims were; young, medium and old. Thin, chubby and heavy. Slow, medium and fast. All Pilgrims had one common denominator, one common goal; Walking to Santiago. NO one was better than another. Prior to the Camino David had called himself, “Chopped Liver” in comparison to me; the “Energizer Bunny.” On the Camino everyone saw David as my equal. No more “Chopped Liver” for him!!

    David and I plan on returning to Walk the Camino again this April and May 2016. We are “equals” and loving and patient with each other in a way we have never been before. The Camino Provides in SOOOOO many ways!! Love is in the air!!

    Buen Camino.
    Cathy and David, aka “Camino Man”

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  4. Hi Laurie!
    I’m from California and walked the Camino in 2013. On my way into Burgos, I met Kjartan from Denmark. We started talking and spent the next day together. We ended up walking to Santiago and he proposed when we arrived. 🙂 We were married 6 months later, and we now live in Denmark with our daughter and a baby due next month. The Camino continues to provide our little family with susprises, love and happiness.

    We made these videos that tell our story for our wedding celebration, it’s called A Pilgrim Love Story and it’s in five short parts

    Video One:

    We also have photos from our wedding celebration here

    It was officiated by our Camino friend, Liz from Canada, who we also walked with.

    We hope you enjoy!

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  5. Lovely love stories! I’d like to add that love grows stronger on the Camino – I have walked two summers on different parts of the Frances on my own and I’m always happy to return to my husband who, though he likes to hike (we backpack in California) has not been interested in the Camino. After returning and sharing, he is now threatening to go with me this year on the Portugues! I’ll let you know how THIS turns out!

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  6. I walked the Camino Frances in 2010 and parts of it in 2011 and 2012. 2015 I walked the Camino de Norte and met a Belgien guy who started his camino right at his front door and had been walking 2.000 km before we even met.

    2016 we got married and now have 2 daughters. We’re planning our next Camino Frances in may 2023 to show our little girls where mum and dad met. ❤

    Our wedding had a Camino-theme:

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