Camino Inglés 2016 by James Portelli

This is a follow-up of the Camino Collaborations post where I introduced James Portelli as the route reporter for Camino Inglés. I just published the final episode of his five day adventure from Ferrol to Santiago on this page:

Here’s a great photo of the larger group of Maltese pilgrims they met up with at the Cathedral in Santiago de Compostela. I can totally feel their joy and jubilation!

In front of the Cathedral in Santiago

James dubbed it, “the Rain Camino,” as it happened to be during one of the wettest springs in Europe.  Some of his friends called it “the cardio Camino” due to the challenging ascents and descents they had on the first three days. Whatever you want to call it, I am excited to follow in their footsteps next spring as I plan to do the Camino Inglés. I think I’ll take the shortcut over the bridge on the first day though. 😉

Much respect for James and his wife Tucc for sharing their adventures on this blog. I know that I and other pilgrims who plan to walk the Camino Inglés will benefit from these route reports. Their journey continued to Finisterre, a perfect way to complete their Camino, so  I’ll be sharing the Santiago to Finisterre route within the next few days. Read all stages of their Camino at:

Take a look at the great Camino route map I found, courtesy of the Brierley Guides website,

Camino Routes

This is featured on a new Routes page that I’ll be adding route reports to.

Be a Camino Route Reporter

If you have plans to walk a Camino this year and would like to be a route reporter for the many other Caminos, contact me.

#CaminoIngles #CaminodeSantiago


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