Porto Memories: São Bento Railway Station

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I enjoyed seeing the blue-and-white azulejo tiles on buildings throughout our tour of Portugal, but the São Bento Railway Station in Porto takes the cake! It celebrated its hundredth anniversary in 2016 and is still serving thousands of people a day as a transportation hub in the heart of Porto. Afar magazine claims it to be the most beautiful train station in the world. It is certainly the prettiest that I have been to. Whether or not you need to take a train while in Porto, spend some time to enjoy the beautiful scenes of life in those gleaming tiles. Think of it as an admission-free museum!

Train Station in Porto

It is worth noting that this is one of the two train stations in Porto. Campanha Station (Estação Ferroviária de Porto-Campanhã) is Porto’s major railway station with inter-city train connections with Lisbon’s main railway stations, mainly Santa Apolónia Station.

I passed through Campanha Station on the train from Lisbon to Braga. See Pre-Camino Logistics: Getting from Lisbon to Camino Starting Point.

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