Porto Memories: Stock Exchange Palace and Imperial McDonald’s

Continued from Porto Memories: Walking Tour.

Below are the photos of the Stock Exchange Palace, followed by our guilty pleasure: having lunch at the Imperial McDonald’s. Don’t judge, some people say it’s the most beautiful McDonald’s in the world!

Designated a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, Palácio da Bolsa (Stock Exchange Palace) was built in the nineteenth century by the city’s Commercial Association in Neoclassical style. According to the Rick Steves Portugal book, “Today this unassuming building is neither a stock exchange or a palace, but a breathtaking monument to civic and commercial pride, with some of the most lavishly decorated rooms in Portugal.”



Imperial McDonald’s

Whew! All that stock exchange talk and intricate tile made us hungry! We heard about the Imperial McDonald’s and decided to give it a try for lunch. ‘Twas a delight!

“You won’t need to do much research to agree with this statement: this is the most beautiful McDonald’s restaurant in the world! Period. And, even if you are not into the so-called fast food sold here, the interior is absolutely worth a visit.”

I don’t know about that, but we certainly enjoyed it.

Chandeliers and coffered ceilings gave it a fancy feel

Of course, it has a McCafe, with Italian espresso machines and baristas that make feathered designs with the chocolate.

These cappuccinos are almost too pretty to drink!

Oh yes, they did! The Portuguese egg tart pastry, made famous by the nuns in Belem, are a staple in cafes all over Portugal.

My burger had sautéed mushrooms and arugula.

Satisfied customers ready to take on more of Porto.

Up next, Ferriera Port Cellars Tour and Tasting.

Digame, por favor.

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