Giving Back on Camino

Hola from Ponferrada, España.

I just started walking the Camino Invierno! I will write a detailed route report upon my return. For now, I am excited to share a cause that I am supporting and ask for your help pitching in. During my Camino, between May 17-28, $2 from every patch sale will be donated to Egeria House in Santiago to support the work of Sybille Yates and the volunteers who help pilgrims in need. My patches can be ordered for $4 each at:

I met Sybille in Santiago after my last two Caminos and witnessed how she has helped many pilgrims. Sybille is a busy woman! After seeing her at the 10 am mass, handing out hymn sheets and helping pilgrims to find a seat, I saw her again at the hospital visiting a friend of mine from the Bay Area who became critically ill while walking the Camino. Because I have seen her kindness in action, I want to show support for what she is doing in Santiago with Egeria House. She is one of those Camino angels I will write about when I get back home.

Learn more at: Egeria.House

My patches can be ordered at:

I will give Egeria House the patch sale contributions when I get to Santiago on May 27th or 28th.

Thank you for sharing the Camino love!

I have 2019 patches with me on the Camino so if you happen to be on the Camino Invierno or in Santiago and want a patch, just let me know.

I will blog about this Camino upon my return. For now, here’s a short video of a warm-up walk on the Camino Francés:

Follow my Camino at:




4 thoughts on “Giving Back on Camino

  1. Hi Laurie, If you can, stop in Ribadiso, a few km before Arzua, on your way to Santiago. It is where the Am Pilgrims provide volunteer service. I’m here until May 31 along with another APOC woman.

    Best, Esther >

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  2. Laurie,

    As I write this email, my middle son, Blake, and I are boarding a flight departing Santiago de Compostela following our first Camino. (Coincidentally, we may have overlapped in Ponferrada!)

    Anyway, I just ordered a patch for each of us.

    Buen Camino!

    Take care.


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