What is the Camino Inglés?

By Kat Davis of followingthearrows.com


Check out and this blog by Kat Davis, Followingthearrows.com,  and her video on the Camino Inglés to get a glimpse of the route I’ll be walking.

I am just one month away from my Camino Inglés and I am getting super excited!

Kat’s blog also has a lot of good detail on the Caminos Frances, Portugués, and Primitivo at followingthearrows.com/caminos/

Followingthearrows.com is now on my Favorite Camino Blogs page.

Source: What is the Camino Ingles?

One thought on “What is the Camino Inglés?

  1. Hello, Laurie!!
    So now you should be just a week away from your Camino ^^ I’m so sure you’ll have an amazing experience! The Camino could be even a way of life, more than a trip it’s a journey inside and outside yourself 🙂 I’m looking forward to read your experiences ❤

    Buen Camino!

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